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David - Woodbridge, VA
Bryce - Murfressboro, TN
Mike - Enfield, CT
Pat - San Antonio, TX (RIP)
Chris - Fremont, MI
Girard - Lexington, KY
Danny - Shreveport, LA
Brian - San Marco, CA
Matt - Bellevue, NE
Steve - Milford Square, PA
Shawn - Winnipeg, MB
Steve - Cape Cod, MA

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Welcome to the UBSTUDIOS DXERS page. We are dedicated radio listeners, attempting to find far away radio stations across the radio spectrum. We always strive for complete accuracy in our finds. If you spot an error, please let us know. In order to see our logs, check out the menu on the left side of the page.

Current active DX locations: Twin Cities, MN and Grangeville, ID

DX Catch Report:

FM season is underway, and very underwhelming. Boo. Hiss. This season sucks so far.

LIVE STREAMING OF DX - Periodically active now. Try it and see!

AMDX Logs farthest stations to date:

KNR - Simiutaq, GRE
HJAJ - Columbia
Chaîne 1 - Algeria
KNBR - San Francisco
CJDC - Dawson Creek, BC
XEQ - Mexico City, DF
WTIC - Hartford, CT
CKST - Vancouver, BC
CKYL - Peace River, AB
CMBQ - Havana Cuba
WBOB - Jacksonville, FL
KPOJ - Portland, OR
CHQT -Edmonton, AB
XEW - Mexico City, DF
CMBQ - Havana Cuba
KNCR - Fortuna, CA
CJDC - Dawson Creek BC
CM? - Havana Cuba
CM?? - Havana Cuba
CKWX - Vancouver, BC
CHQT - Edmonton, AB
XET - Monterrey NL MX
WGN - Chicago, IL
CKWX - Vancouver, BC
CHQR - Calgary, AB
XET - Monterrey NL MX
530 AM - Caribbean Islands
CBW - Winnipeg, MB
XEW - Mexico City, DF
WGN - Chicago, IL
KGO - San Francisco, CA
CHRB - High River, AB
XEW - Mexico City, DF
WWL - New Orleans, LA
KPNW - Eugene, OR
CHQR - Calgary, AB
WOAI - San Antonio, TX
WSM - Nashville, TN
CKWX - Vancouver, BC

Mediumwave TOTALS SO FAR: (Active stations are white, blue, red, and yellow)

Twin Cities: 1 Stations received from the metro area (starting August 24, 2016)

Grangeville: 0 Stations received (since November of 2009)
Green River: Stations received (since July of 1999)
SFO Bay Area: Stations received

St. Cloud: FINAL: 384 Stations received between June 6, 2015 and August 25, 2016.

Sheridan: FINAL: 370 Stations received between April of 2011 and May of 2015.

Salt Lake City:FINAL: 354 Stations received between 2005-2010

Flagstaff: FINAL: 301 Stations received between 2004-2009

Laramie: FINAL: 190 Stations received *recently updated between 2003-2014
Casper: FINAL: 96 Stations received *recently updated between 1992-1999, 2004, and 2010.
Southern CALI: FINAL: 215 Stations received

*** - there still is a possible margin of error on these numbers, however they have been counted several times.

First Station of 2019 - KKOH Reno, NV on 1-1-19 from Twin Cities, MN.
Last Stations of 2018 - KBUF 1030 Holcolmb, KS and KMMQ Plattsmouth, NE on 12-28-18 from Green River, WY.
First Station of 2018
KCSR 610 Chadron, NE on 1-4-18 from the Twin Cities, MN.
Last Station of 2017 - KIKC 1250 Forsyth, MT on 12-29-17 from the Twin Cities, MN.
First Station of 2017 - WRCR 1700 Ramapo, NY - received on 1-1-17 from the Twin Cities, MN.

Last Station of 2016 - CHAB 800 Moose Jaw, SK - received on 12-31-16 from the Twin Cities, MN.
First station of 2016- KJOL 620 Grand Junction, CO - received on 1-4-16 from Grangeville, ID.
Last station of 2015- KJJK 1020 Fergus Falls, MN - received on 12-31-15 from St. Cloud, MN.
Farthest tropo TV DX - WPWR 51 Chicago, IL from St. Cloud at a distance of 412 miles. Received on 8-31-15.
Farthest FM Tropo DX - CKLQ 91.5 Brandon, MB Canada from Coon Rapids, MN on 8-12-15. A distance of 474.56 miles!
Last station received in Sheridan - KOBB 1230 Bozeman, MT on 5-26-15.
First stations of 2015 - KVEL 920 Vernal, UT and KIHM 920 Reno, NV on 1-1-15 from Grangeville, Idaho.
Last station of 2014 - XED 1050 Mexicali, BN on 12-30-14 from Sheridan, Wyoming
First station of 2014
- KAAY 1090 Little Rock, AR on 1-9-14 from Sheridan, Wyoming.
First station of 2013- KCHJ 1010 Delano, CA on 1-5-13 from Grangeville, Idaho.
Last station of 2012- KOGN 1490 Ogden, UT on 12-28-12 from Green River, Wyoming (on Grundig G8, and Subaru Outback Radio).
First station of 2012- KBLA 1580 Santa Monica, CA on 1-8-12 from Grangeville, Idaho.
First AM DX station on the Sony XDR-F1HD - KXNO 1460 - Des Moines, IA - from Salt Lake City, Utah on 7-22-09. Received HD blink.
Farthest TV Skip so far - XHRIO CH 2 Matamoros, Tamaulipas at a distance of 1,309 miles on 1-13-11 from Green River, WY.
Farthest E-Skip on FM so far- XHAAA 93.1 Reynosa, Tamaulipas at a distance of 1,449 miles on 5-25-17 from Blaine, Minnesota!
Record number of AM stations received that aren't locals in one day - 30 (TWC DX) on 9-1-16
Final station received from Flagstaff DX - KEZW 1430 Aurora, CO on 11-5-09.
First station of 2010 - KSEN 1150 Shelby, MT on 1-2-10 from Salt Lake City.
First station of 2009 - KXLY 920 Spokane, WA. (Heard from Salt Lake City, Utah)
First station of 2008 - KKDD 1290 San Bernardino, CA. (Heard from Flagstaff, Arizona).
First stations of 2007 - KFLT Tucson, AZ 830 (GR DX) KLAA 830 Orange, CA (FLG DX)
First station of 2006- CFCW 790 Camrose AB. (Heard from Green River, Wyoming)
First station of 2004 - CJSL 1280 Estevan SK. (Heard from Green River, Wyoming)
Last stations heard from Laramie - KWKW 1330 Los Angeles, CA and KXKS 1190 Albuquerque, NM

Weird Radio, TV, and Other Scary Audio
Canada Band Scan from Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island - Includes FM and some shortwave.

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