Viva Las Stuboys (2007)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by the entire cast.

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy/Van Stuber

Production companies: Wilkins Peak Studios and Dorky Head Pictures

Genres: Comedy/Documentary


Justin Stuboy.- Himself

Van Stuber - Himself

Jennifer Stuber - Herself

Leeroy Turtlehead - Himself

Ben Gomps - Himself

Carolyn - Herself

Kia - Bitch driver

Homeless Dude - COTFB man

Stu Ceasar - Comedian out in front of Ceasars Palace

Lonely Wah - Lady at the Airport

Format: DVD


Length: 45 minutes (not approx)

Ubstudios link:

Trailer: N/A  (maybe some day)

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $300

Box Office: $1000

Shot on Digital 8

Filming locations:

Salt Lake City, Utah

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada

Bally's Casino, Las Vegas

The Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas

Hooters, Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Henderson, Nevada

McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

Salt Lake International Airport, SLC, Utah


-First Ubstudios film made in Las Vegas, NV
-Filmed mostly without permission of numerous casinos.
Originally was going to be an actual movie with a story, but it was decided a documentary was easier.
-No script for this movie was ever written.
-Counting plane tickets and losses in Vegas, this film was one of Ubstudios most expensive undertakings.
-First Ubstudios production with two studios producing the film. This was a joint production between Wilkins Peak Studios and Dorky Head Productions
-A conversation between three homeless men at a stoplight on Las Vegas Blvd, was kept in the film and unedited, making this one of a handful of Ubstudios films with swearing in them.
A tape glitch causes a funny picture to be super imposed over one of the characters for a fraction of a second.
-The food at Hooters gave the cast bad stomach aches, and two complain about it during the film.

-Rated PG-13 for adult language and themes.


-Continuity- Since this film is classified as a documentary, any continuity mistake is purely unintentional.

Films and such referenced (in order of appearance):

Any music video by Gwen Stefani

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Casino (1995)

A Trip of Chicago (2002) - Filmmaking style

KBAD 920 AM, Las Vegas, NV - seen at football game






Soundtrack listings (incomplete):

Louis Armstrong - Blueberry Hill

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Memoirs of an Officer and a Gentleman

Gwen Stefani - Rich Girl

James Last - The Lonely Shepherd