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KO Sinclair




Wah Lady

Dorky Dad

Van Stuber

Born: February 17, 1980

Place: Louisiana

Van Stuber got his start in acting and directing in the critically acclaimed Sir Farts ďAĒ Lot. As the mischievous villain of Sir Farts ďAĒ Lot (played by Justin Stuboy) Van Stuberís Lord Flatch was a sign of things to come.

Stuber played minor roles in Justin Stuboyís movies Aircontrol, Crape, Crape2, and filmed a scene of the movie about the menacing cat who is out for its familyís blood, Malade. Van Stuberís next directing and acting projects Catman and Jurassic Kitty showed more of the mysterious Stuberís acting and directing talent. It was on the set of Catman that Stuberís eye for different and often dorky camera angles came into evolution.

After a small stint in Justin Stuboyís Radio, Stuber directed and stared in one of his most ambitious projects yet, Armahessian. Staring the knock out KO Sinclair and Leeroy Turtlehead, Stuberís vision of a UFO crash gone horribly wrong came to realization with special effects including a scary cat mask and fake green blood. It was here that Stuber also realized his ability for screwing up a scene by laughing through multiple takes. The result was one of the funniest UBSTUdios movies to date.

Stuberís next endeavor, The Bill Crotchety Project, happened to be one of the first UBSTUdios film ever filmed from start to finish. While the acting wasnít the greatest, some memorable UBSTUdios moments came from that film including Stuboy running into a tree and Larry Eís role as the Bill Crotchety.

Stuberís next film is considered to be one of his masterpieces. Bucket Head was the first UBSTUdios movie to have a full script with multiple characters. Using the talent of his friends in Chadron State College, Nebraska, Bucket Head featured the acting talents of Brian J., Dusty L. and Susan S. Bucket Head went on to spawn the legendary Bucket Head, The Preview, which was filmed with Stuberís frat buddies at the University of Wyoming. Stuber also went on to film some footage from Dark Forest and Requiem of the World with his Chardon State buddies.

Stuber next did some work for Jurri Schneck of UW, who was directing the movie Copyright. Schneck employed Stuber as a light person. Stuber, however, went beyond his lighting duties by providing some cinematography and driving skills to the movie. Stuber also stared in a cameo.

After brief stints in Justin Stuboyís Beating Mantha, Thunderbolt, Maximum Bow, Escape of the Lego 2, and Spring Vacation (mostly pictures taken for the promoís of the films and some cinematography), Stuber embarked on making one of his dream projects, World War III. World War III, was Leeroy Turtleheads first lead role and this gave Van some time to sit back and act in the background as the washed up soldier whoís Asian wife was killed in Bangkok during their honeymoon. While Stubers performance was considered strong, the movie is mostly known for its ground breaking special effects including the first use of a Doh Boy Explosion and fireworks. Stuber also played a role in supervising the superb editing done by Dan Poowers A.C.E.

Stuberís next film, The Stu Supremacy, was Stuberís first lead role in 3 years. The Stu Supremacy was the second UBSTUdios film to use a script throughout production after Justin Stuboyís Maximum Bow. The Stu Supremacy was one of the most acclaimed movies made by UBSTUdios to date thanks to the castís outstanding performance and Dan Poowers, powerful editing. It also helped that there was a script.

Stuberís next project promises to be one of the most ambitious projects to date. Melonhead Vision is currently in pre-production with the script being written. Already, this movie will have a demanding shoot with schedules and technicalities figured out before hand, another UBSTUdios first. This movie also may introduce two new actresses into the UBSTUdios list of find actresses. Look for it soon.


Sir FartsĒAĒLot* (1996) Director, Lord Flatch

Air Control* (1996) Major Fart

Malade* (1996) Director, Screenwriter, Dr. Pookie, Stupid Kid One

Crape* (1997) UFO

Crape 2* (1997) Major Huge Ackman

Catman* (1997) Barry

Jurassic Kitty* Director, Soldier One

Radio* (1998) Screenwriter, Joey Bodabuchi

UBSTU (1998) Director, Screenwriter, Chris

Hessian Nights (1998) Director, Screenwriter, Chris

Orengate (1998) Director, Cameo

Armahessian* (1999) Dirk

The Bill Crotchety Project* (1999) Hessian Number One

Bucket Head* (2000) Director, Screenwriter, Roy

Dark Forest* (2000) Director, Screenwriter, Chris

Serpentra (2000) Director, Screenwriter, Dr. Timmis

Requiem of the World (Sample footage)* (2000) Director, Timmy

Hollow Cat (2000) Director, Mayor Red

Lava Hot Springs (2000) Director, Voice of Dingleberry the Bear, Sammy

Beatforce One (2001) Director, Beatforce One

Beating Mantha* (2001) Van Stuber

Escape from the Gods (2001) Director, Screenwriter, The God of Passgassgus

The War Next Door (2001) Director, Screenwriter, Christopher J Simson

Stu Wars (2001) Director, Screenwriter, B.O. Wan Stunobi

Generic Bond (2001) Director, Screenwriter, Generic Bond

Thunderbolt* (2001) Crook Number One

Ghost Frequencies (2001) Director, Screenwriter, Larry Stickles

Copyright* (2001) Cinematographer, Lights, and a Cameo

Bucket Head (The Preview)* (2001)Director, Screenwriter, Stu

The Speed of Light (2001) Director, Screenwriter, Sgt. Jerico

Attack of the Manthas (2002) Director, The God of Passgassgus

Hostile Situation (2002) Producer

Coleflatch (2002) Director, Screenwriter, Mr. Cole

Maximum Bow* (2002) cinematographer uncredited

Harry Bottom and the Sorcerers Beat Fest (2002) Director, Screenwriter, Stupert

Biter Kid (2002) Director, Mitch D. Umbass

Justin Skidmarks (2002) Director, Bumble Butt

World War III* (2003) Director, Screenwriter, Lt. Stan Fuber

Into the Sun (2003) Director, Screenwriter, Scarface

Escape of the Lego 2* (2003) Cinematographer

Your Only Stupid Once (2003) Director, Generic Bond

The Master of Stupidity (2003) Slappy Swanson

The Planet of the Cats (2003) Starex Crew Member 2

Spring Vacation* (2003) Backwards Skiier at the Hall and Oats Skiathon

Malade 2 (2004) Director, Screenwriter, Stupid Kid Two

A Million Miles From Nowhere (2004) Roy Terrel

The Rabbit Hunter (2004) Script Writer

The Stu Supremacy * (2004) Director, Screenwriter, Agent Jason Stu

Melonhead Vision* (2005) Director, Screenwriter, Timmy Wusston

Untitled Bigfoot Project (2006) announced

Movies with a * next to them are movies that have fully or partially been filmed.