A Trip of Chicago (2003)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy and Wah Lady

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy and Leeroy Sr. (bridge construction scenes only).

Production companies: Wilkins Peak Studios, MAU Entertainment.

Genres: Documentary/Action


Justin Stuboy

Wah Lady






Leeroy Sr.

Leeroy Jr.

Gomps Sr.

Bill Stuberson - driver (Uncredited)

Catherine O'Hara - person in crowd (Uncredited)

Format: VHS /DVD (Special Limited Edition)


Length: 35 Minutes (original) 39 Minutes (DVD)


Ubstudios link:

Trailer: (possibly coming soon)

Movie Stats:

Production cost: 40$ Estimated

Box Office: 60$

Shot on Digital 8 format

Released Summer 2003 and again in the Spring of 2006 (DVD).

Filming locations:

Chicago, IL.

DeKalb, IL.

Sycamore, IL.

Appleton/Menasha, WI.

Denver, CO.

Rock Springs, WY.

Green River, WY.


-Filmed in early August of 2002 over a weeks time in various places throughout the Midwest.

-Spanned two complete Hi8 tapes

-Was the second Ubstudios film to be edited entirely on a computer

-Two versions of this film were released, a shorter version which was the standard for about a year, and a Special Limited Edition which contains a few extended scenes and narration at a key point. The SL edition also contains music fixes.

-Catherine O'Hara appears in the film as an accident. She was walking through the train station during filming and bumped into Justin. This is a well documented happening. She briefly appears in the film. This also is the only documented case of a Hollywood celebrity appearing in a Ubstudios film.

-The first Ubstudios movie filmed in Chicago


-Other- A few credits were misplaced in the beginning of the film, resulting in words being cut off.

-Audio problem- This is in relation to the first edition of the film, during the beginning credits, the audio was panned down unexpectedly. It was fixed for the SL edition.

-factual error- O'Hare Airport is incorrectly spelled as Ohaire. This mistake remains on the DVD.

-Audio problem- During the first bridge construction scenes, Justin can be heard giving cues to the camera operator (Leeroy Sr.). This was fixed on the SL edition.

-tape error- This refers to all versions of the film. In the scene where Leeroy Sr. is watching TV, a tape glitch can easily be seen. This was unpreventable, but is still a mistake. 

Films and such referenced:

WGN Chicago (Leeroy Sr. is watching this on TV)

Over Chicago (a short movie produced by Sears Tower)

Rock Springs Airport Weather (Can be heard in one shot)


Days of Our Lives 1965 (TV) Battle of the Ball scenes were based loosely off of this series and other soap operas.



Soundtrack listings:

"In the Middle" Jimmy Eat World

"Leaving Town" Dexter Freebish

"Young Turks" Rod Stewart

"Promises, Promises" Naked Eyes

"Dreams Come True" and "Man eater" Hall and Oates

"Sister Golden Hair" America

"Moonlight Sonata" Beethoven

"Chicago" Frank Sinatra (DVD Menu)