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Justin Stuboy

Born: August 21, 1984

Place: Oklahoma

    Justin's career as a filmmaker can be traced back to the Christmas of 1996, and some say, before that with his radio plays. At that time, when Justin was 12 years old, he produced and did the voices for his first feature length (and then some) film "Justin City." Immediately cast as the valiant Sir Farts "A" Lot, Justin took acting seriously from then on out. No more was this going to be just home movie making, this had to be something greater. Air Control, Justin's third project, never really got off the ground. While some beginning scenes were filmed, and have thus been erased over the years, the film did have quite the plan at one point. However, budget constraints led to its demise, leaving Stuboy disappointed.


    Next came Malade, the first real undertaking of an actual film with somewhat of a story. This film proved to be a UBSTU-Box Office success, gaining praise. This film also featured very primitive editing techniques discovered by both Stuboy and Stuber. Crape started production before Malade, but didn't rap till afterwards. Crape was an ambitious project that involved turning an entire basement into a city scene. This turned out to be a sleeper hit, and is still one of Stuboy's favorite of his older films, simply he says "because its funny. You go back and look at that film and you can't help but laugh at how terrible the special effects were; at the time though we really didn't worry about that." Crape 2 came shortly there after, but was never finished to this date and went through several re-films, but never gained the popularity of its predecessor.

    Catman became a success overnight with its more refined editing and a sleeker storyline. Stuboy was mostly behind this scenes operating the camera for this film, a trait he would come to love as time went on. Experimenting more with the camera, Stuboy soon created a series of short, jumbled claymations that would end up being dubbed the Claytape. Stuboy began to love the animation side of film even more as the film went on. Radio was Justin's first attempt at writing a story, and this one had many re-writes as well as several different incarnations on film. The final copy is quoted as being his best. Thunder Bolt was arguably Stuboy's most ambitious film that involved his pets Marmalade and Samantha. This project also went through several filmings and was released twice, in different forms. The concept of the story came from an early radio play Stuboy did on his station KRMS.

    Armahessian (1999) marks another acting milestone in Stuboy's career. He plays a skillful, yet quiet army soldier, whose only purpose is to stop KO Sinclair from getting up the hill. Stuboy did his own stunts (as he always prefers to do) and was actually beaten by KO Sinclair, whom was holding a pellet gun. In the Bill Crotchety project, aside from being behind the camera most of the time, Stuboy did some more acting as the confused little boy named Stu.

    Stuboy began editing films seriously in late 1999 as the options became available to do so. His first mishmash of featurettes was Manuter's 2 Hour Sample tape, which mirrored the earlier fireworks/science tape made years before. The sequel to Manuter's was no different, except that the option to edit on a computer had become available. Maximum Bow (2002) was the first Ubstudios film on record to have a script and actors other than the normal Ubstudios crew. Stuboy took advantage of the digital editing with the longest film he had made to date (that was actually edited): A Trip of Chicago. This film had a number of firsts for Ubstudios, other than editing. It showed many locations across the Midwestern United States and still managed time for character development. It was also the first (but not last) film Ubstudios made in Chicago.

    WWIII was the second film edited entirely on a computer, by Stuboy himself with the assistance of Dan Poohers. The film gained massive success and is yet another of Stuboy's favorites, he also played a role in the film as the spy Lt. Stuboy. Spring Vacation came less than a year after WWIII. The two films were in production at the same time during the Spring of 2004. Spring Vacation built upon the documovie idea set by ATOC and became the longest film ever made by Ubstudios (that has been edited anyway,) at 45 minutes. This movie had a number of firsts too and was the third movie edited on a computer. 

    Stuboy experimented more with the claymation genre in both Escape of the Legos. Both films featured cutting edge special effects (for a Ubstudios film) and the animation was getting better and better. They are known as Stuboy's best claymations. The Stu Supremacy was a cinematography, acting and editing triumph for Dorkyhead productions in 2004.

    The sequel to Spring Vacation which is arguably better than the first came out in the summer of 2005. Production started in Fall of 2004. This film featured precise directing, more cutting edge special effects with the first use of miniature models in various scenes. This film hit the 35 minute mark, ten minutes shorter than its predecessor, thanks to a shorter credit sequence. Squelch which was released in the fall of 2005 and filmed during the summer of that year was Stuboy's 2nd writing attempt at a movie, aside from the failed Disappearing (2004). The film was an editing triumph for Wilkins Peak Studios. It too featured special effects and a killer soundtrack.

    Stuboy now lives in Utah and is studying at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He recently produced a 4 minute movie called Continuity which received great audience response when it premiered Thursday October 13, 2005 in the Arts and Architecture building. He continues to work on various projects and is the script supervisor for all films produced yearly by the studios. He is also the primary camera operator and sometimes edits films with Dan Poohers, or by himself. He is currently filming another claymation music video "Puttin' on the Ritz."

Review by Freddie Farz Jr.


Justin City* (1996) Voices, Cinematography, Story

Sir Farts”A”Lot* (1996) Sir Farts "A" Lot, Additional camera

Air Control* (1996) Director, Timmy, Set constructor

Malade* (1996) Stupid Kid Two, Additional camera

Crape* (1997) Director, Various voices, Cinematography, Set design.

Crape 2* (1997) Voices, Camera, Set Design.

Catman* (1997) Camera

Claytape* (1997) Camera, various voices

Jurassic Kitty* (1997) Camera, Dumb Kid

Radio* (1998) Director, writing, Mike Bodabuchi

Thunder Bolt* (1998) Director, writing, voices, cinematographer

Armahessian* (1999) Soldier

The Bill Crotchety Project* (1999) Stu

Manuter's 2 hour sample tape* (1999) Editing, Camera, additional crew

VPH (2000) Camera, Narration, Crew

Hollow Cat (2000) Camera, Kangston Smith

Lava Hot Springs (2000) Camera, Stuboy One,

Beatforce One (2001)  The Force

Beating Mantha* (2001) Director, Camera, writing

Escape from the Gods (2001) The God of Beat

The War Next Door (2001) Camera, Justin B Simson

Stu Wars (2001) Camera, Stuke Stuwalker

Manuter's 2nd* (2001) Editing, Camera, additional crew (WolfLine scenes)

Generic Bond (2001)Agent 1-800INFO

Thunderbolt (re-release)* (2001) Cinematography, Directing, voices

Ghost Frequencies (2001) Cinematographer

LaForet (2001) Lee, Director, Camera

Too Far Away (2001) Director, Story

Attack of the Manthas (2002) The God of Beat

Hostile Situation (2002) Bruce Wildis, Camera, Directing

Coleflatch (2002)  Mick Fleetwood, Tom Stuberston

Maximum Bow* (2002) Director, writing, cinematographer, cameo (the first film to pay its actor)

Harry Bottom and the Sorcerers Beat Fest (2002) Harry Bottom

Biter Kid (2002) Biter Kid

A Trip of Chicago* (2002) Director, Cinematography, Whistle man

Justin Skidmarks (2002) Justin Skidmarks

World War III* (2003) Camera, Script supervision, Lt. Stuboy

Into the Sun (2003) Lt. Constiflatch

Escape of the Lego* (2002) Cinematographer, voices, Director

Escape of the Lego 2* (2003) Cinematographer, voices, Director

Your Only Stupid Once (2003) Slobber Man, Agent 1800callATT (Regis Filboy)

The Master of Stupidity (2003) Chestnut Diareahee, Writer, Director

The Planet of the Cats (2003) Starex Crew Member 1

Malade 2 (2003) Stupid Kid one

Spring Vacation* (2003) Director, Cinematographer, Justin, Disco Stu

The Metro Escape* (2004) Novel, Director, some camera operation.

The Stu Supremacy* (2004) Cinematographer, Script Supervisor, Agent Hess

The Disappearing* (2004) Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Director

Spring Vacation 2* (2004) Director, Cinematographer, Justin, Cowboy Joe.

Squelch* (2005) Sean, Camera operator A, Director, Screenwriter

Continuity* (2005) Director, Cinematography, Crazy Bum.

Dream of Fields (online preview)* (2005) Gay Constella, Camera, Director.

Melonhead Vision* (2006) Camera, Editing, Script supervisor, Mark, Stanley.

Burrito - Puttin' on the Ritz* (music video) (2006) filming - half way done.

Everwood* (TV) (2005) Extra far in background (Uncredited) Fourth Season, Episode ?

Untitled Bigfoot Project (2006) announced - unknown status

Untitled Spring Semester Project (2006) filming/scripting director, cinematography, Justin

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Movies with a * next to them are movies that have fully or partially been filmed.

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