Spring Vacation 2 (2005)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy and Jennifer H.

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy

Production companies: Wilkins Peak Studios, MAU Entertainment

Genres: Documentary/Comedy


Justin Stuboy.- Himself/Cowboy Joe

Jennifer H. - Herself/Cowboy Jill

Hannah H. - Herself

Terry H. - Himself

Sherri H. - Herself

Dorky Dad
Tim H.
Bruce H.
Esther H.
Rachel H.
Debbie H.
Zelma G.
Norman G.
Katie Scott
Emily Scott
Rex N.

The people of Julesburg, Colorado


Format: Digital 8/DVD


Length: 35 minutes (not approx)


Ubstudios link:

Trailer: N/A

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $300

Box Office: $700

Shot on Digital 8

Filming locations:

Green River, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming

Venango, Nebraska

Haxtun, Colorado

Julesburg, Colorado

Sedgwick, Colorado

Salt Lake City, Utah


-Preceded by Spring Vacation (2004).
-The first Ubstudios film to appear on DVD.
-Production began in 2004 and completed in the summer of 2005.
-Jennifer H.'s second film with Ubstudios. She went on to do one more (Squelch) before becoming a biotch.
-Filmed on location in Julesburg Colorado.
-Scenes at the "Gala" were the only scripted scenes in the entire movie, as with the first film.
-Most of the film was made without permission to film.
-Contained some of the first special effects as a primary plot point. Significant use of "green screen" shots were used to both see what the software was capable of, and advance the story, albeit comically.
-During the beginning of the Bob Seger song, the dog (Sandy) is clearly peeing on the ground.
-The tree-house as seen at the end of the film was never completed but pieces of it are still at the location in Colorado as of 2005.
-The first Ubstudios film to be released on DVD.
-During the painting (for the local pig butt farm) sequence, Justin is wearing a shirt advertising Ubstudios films. It clearly says "Crew for a Ubstudios film".
-During the gala, several dozen local residents consumed alcohol creating comic relief that was unintentional.
-The two girls dancing at the Gala previously appeared in the original Spring Vacation, and requested to be in this sequel after they heard about the original film's premiere in Julesburg, Colorado.
-Used a live broadcast from KUSA-TV in one scene describing road closures. This was an actual report taped in April of 2005.
-Despite never living up to "A Trip of Chicago", director Justin Stuboy still considers this one of his best films to date (he contributed significantly to this very page). He also says it surpasses the first film by a mile.


-Other-Any mistake in continuity, audio, or locations of objects during the gala scenes was purely intentional. It was extremely difficult to get the shots he wanted, and director Justin Stuboy said he wasn't worried about errors, since it adds to the comedy relief of the piece.

-Title Goof- Music performer Rigg Lechman's last name is incorrectly spelled.

Special thanks to:

KUSA-TV Denver
The Hippodrome Society
The Overland Restaurant
Fox Cinema Laramie
National Weather Service Offices in WY and CO.

Films and such referenced (in order of appearance):

Spring Vacation (2004) - Style of filming and cast.

Frontier: First Encounters (1995) - Video game at beginning of movie.

Jaws (1975) - Chili cook-off, primarily referenced.

October Sky (1999) - Model rocket sequence.

Back to the Future (1985) - Spoofs use of Delorean vehicle and time travel, plus uses theme music.

The Young and the Restless (1973) - The Young and the Old Guy spoofs this show along with other soap operas.

One Week (1920) - The painting scenes were sped up to look like old Charlie Chapman and Buster Keaton movies.

Forrest Gump (1994) - Scenes prior to gala (with golf cart).

Field of Dreams (1989) - Scenes with lightning before gala.

The film also references the western genre (during the gala).

NBC 9 News Denver (2005) - Seen near end, and special thanks to.







Soundtrack listings:

Quality Quartet - Atmosphere (First Encounters beginning)

Army - Ben Folds Five (opening credits)

Everybody's Talkin' - Harry Nilsson (going to Julesburg first time)

Road Down the Road - Rigg Lechman (golf carting)

Truckin' Down the Highway on My CB. - Fart -n- Trucker (on the way to Venango)

Gymnopedie I - Erik Satie (Venango, NE)

Jaws theme - John Williams (chili cook-off aftermath)

Living in America - James Brown (Green River part)

The Oh of Pleasure - Ray Lynch (astronomy section)

Stuboy Days - Coleflatch (model rocket launches)

Gonna Make You Sweat - C and C Music Factory (Salt Lake City segment)

Back to the Future - Alan Silvestri (all spoofs of BTTF)

Nadia's Theme - Richard Clayderman (Young and Old Guy segment)

"Glory Theme" and "The Cornfield" - James Horner (various points)

Palm Leaf Rag - Scott Joplin (the painting segment)

Birthday - The Beatles (the birthday segment)

Against the Wind - Bob Seger (follows birthday segment)

Jim Rice and the Final Round - (the Gala songs)

Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks (end credits)