Squelch (2005)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy, Wah Lady

Production companies: Wilkins Peak Studios, MAU Entertainment

Genres: Thriller


Justin Stuboy.- Sean/Turtlehead

Jennifer H. - Renee/Candy Kang

Leeroy Baggins - Ghost Rider (Uncredited)


Format: Digital 8/DVD


Length: 20 minutes 38 seconds (approx).


Ubstudios link:

Trailer: (ONLINE)

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $300

Box Office: $500

Shot on Digital 8

Filming locations:

Green River, Wyoming

Rawlins, Wyoming

Laramie, Wyoming

Sydney, Nebraska

Julesburg, Colorado

York, Nebraska (two different locations)

Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska

Iowa City, IA

Interstate 88 - Illinois

Moline, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Dyersville, Iowa - Final scene


-Filmed in August of 2005 over a week's time.
-The second Ubstudios film to appear on DVD.
-Scenes in Chicago, particularly on the train and in the bus, were painstakingly color corrected, as the original master shots were tinted due to the window colors.
-The second Ubstudios film where Chicago is a location (the first being A Trip of Chicago).
-The final film in which Jennifer H. appeared. She left due to personal (and uncalled for) reasons.
-The Sears Tower, the Museum of Natural History, and the Metra trains are primarily featured in the Chicago scenes.
-Primarily references Joyride (2001).
-Production was rushed down to a weeks time, and director Justin Stuboy quotes this as to why the film failed. He stated that he didn't have enough time to get the shots nor the acting the way he wanted.
-Out of all the films Justin Stuboy has directed, he considers this film to be a failure, but still progressed his filmmaking to a better level in the end.
-Several scenes were filmed in Menasha Wisconsin, but were never used in the film.
-The tense moment at the truck stop was actually filmed at two locations nearly 200 miles apart, one in Illinois, the other in Iowa.
-Also at the truck stop scene, the trucker (with the hat) unintentionally became a part of the scene and added to the dramatic effect.
-Ghost Rider's truck is never officially seen, though Sean describes it as being blue in color.
-The scene at the rest stop in Iowa contains the song "Crazy" by Patsy Cline, which was not in the end credits.
-The two scenes filmed in Lincoln featured 90 degree weather with severe humidity.
-The CB used in the film was a working Uniden model.


-Visible Crew/Equipment-At the first hotel, a crew member can be seen in the bathroom moving around.

-Revealing- At the truck stop in Iowa, Jennifer's character is clearly holding the script. It makes several appearances in the film.

-Continuity - Justin's shirt changes from the argument scene to the truck stop. This was due to the scenes being filmed on a different day.

-Visible Crew/Equipment- In a brief shot after the truck stop, looking at Jennifer, a crew member can be seen in the seat behind

-Audio problems- Every time Ghost Rider speaks, his audio is incredibly low. Various other points in the film are the same way. Stuboy says this was also due to the rushed production, and poor equipment at the time.

Films and such referenced (in order of appearance):

Joy Ride (2001) - Story and characters, with subtle differences, namely locations and script content.

Field of Dreams (1989) - The final shot was filmed at the baseball field seen in the movie, which is in Dyersville, Iowa.







Soundtrack listings:

Voices Carry - Til' Tuesday - Beginning traveling scene

Can't Behave - Courtney Jaye - Leaving Laramie

Chinese Invade - Phillip Glass - Ghost Rider comes on air

Crazy - Patsy Cline (uncredited) - Iowa rest stop

Call and Answer - Barenaked Ladies - Chicago scenes

The Tourist - Radiohead - End Credits