Featuring clips and snips we thought you'd enjoy watching!

SLC HQ Webcam - See the parking lot of the SLC Branch of Ubstudios.

CLIP NAME and INFO *- means online

2006 B and F Fest: Brianhead* - Watch as veteran Ubstudios actors go skiing.

Art Malik Adventures* - An animation short created by Justin in his animation class at the University of Utah. Running time 13 seconds. (With added sound)

Crappy Time* - A time lapse produced by the Ubstudios webcam in 2005.

Continuity Test* - A special effects test for the student produced film "Continuity"

Dream of Fields* - A preview for the movie made summer 2005.

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good* - This classic 80s song is redone in a music video by Wilkins Peak Studios (c) 2006 (41mb Windows media)

Spring Vacation 2 preview* - A preview for the Wilkins Peak Studios film of the same name.

Squelch Preview* - A preview for the Wilkins Peak Studios hit movie from 2005.

Superman Has Bad Gas* - The second animation produced by Justin for his class, with added sound. Running time 21 seconds.

The Ball Bouncer* - A flip book animation done in Justin's animation class. (With added sound)

The Shinging* - A trailer for a movie that'll likely never get made, but nonetheless...

Yanni's Desire* - Filmed on location near Saltair Utah, on 10-22-06. Edited the very same day.

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