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Ubstudios regular cast:

Justin Stuboy

Leeroy Turtlehead

Van Stuber

KO Sinclair




Wah Lady

Dorky Dad

Filming locations used in Ubstudios films.

Casper, WY (Prior to 1999)

Casper Mountain,WY (Prior to 1999)

Green River, WY (1999 to present)

Rock Springs, WY (1999 to present)

Pinedale, WY (1999 to present)

Ashley National Forest, Utah (announced)

Illinois (Chicago, DeKalb, Quincy, I-88 corridor, Wheaton, Rockford)

Iowa (Des Moines, Moline, Dyersville)

Laramie, WY (2003-2005)

Nebraska (Lincoln, Omaha, York, Ogallala, Sydney, Kimball)

Wisconsin (Appleton, Wautoma)

Salt Lake City, Utah (2005 to present)

Van Stuber's Worst Movies of all time list: the top one being the worst movie.

  • 1 Dumb and Dumberer
  • 2 The Limely
  • 3 Dead Birds
  • 4 Spartan
  • 5 Lost in Space
  • Justin Stuboy's Worst Movies of all time list. the top one being the worst movie.

  • 1 Supernova
  • 2 Batman and Robin
  • 3 Spy Kids
  • 4 Moulin Rouge
  • 5 Gigli
  • 6 The Master of Disguise
  • 7 Secret Window
  • 8 Unbreakable
  • 9 Are We There Yet?
  • 10 White Noise
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