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Ubstudios regular cast:

Justin Stuboy

Leeroy Turtlehead<

Van Stuber

KO Sinclair




Wah Lady

Dorky Dad

Leeroy Turtlehead

Leeroy Turtlehead’s breakout roll as Agent Hess in Armahessian launched his acting career and cemented him as a UBSTUdios regular.  Armahessian, which deals with mutant cat like aliens stalking KO’s on Casper Mountain also stars Van Stuber, Stuboy and KO Sinclair as the seductive Abra.  Leeroy Turtlehead steals the show with his turtlehead face and outstanding acting. 

 Leeroy Turtlehead got his first lead roll in World War III as Sergeant Leeroy Von Snotenbuger.  In this role, he and his fellow Lieutenant Stan Fuber march up the country side of Green River looking for their ill fated troop and fighting off the Chinese (that all look like the same guy).  The two run into a soldier they used to know (Stuboy) who is playing both sides and letting the Chinese know where the Captain Gomer Pile (Dorky) and the soldiers are. In the final battle, all pay with their lives.  Green River was never taken.

 In Leeroy’s latest (The Stu Supremacy) Leeroy fine tunes his acting skills as the scheming Russian Double agent Vladimir.  Leeroy pits off against Agent Jason Stu whose Amnesiac ways are preventing him from uncovering the horrible truth.  In what can be considered Leeroy’s best role to date, Leeroy plays a cunning menace to Stubers confused Stu.  Oscar nods were given to Leeroy for his role as Vladimir, however, Chuck Norris’s role as a gay cowboy in “Cornhole West” beat him in the best picture competition.


Armahessian (1999) Army patrol officer (Casper Mountain scenes)

Serpentra (2000)

Generic Bond (2001)

Stu Wars (2001)

Justin Skidmarks (2002)

WWIII (2003) - Sgt. Turtlehead

Into the Sun (2003)

A Million Miles from Nowhere (2004)

Stu Supremacy (2004) - Vlad, Cab driver

Melonhead Vision (2005) - Leeroy Turtleton

Untitled Bigfoot Project (2006) - Announced