Thunder Bolt (1998)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy

Production companies: Radio Pictures (Wilkins Peak Studios)

Genres: Comedy/Drama


Justin Stuboy.- Voices

Van Stuber - Bad Guy 1

Leeroy Turtlehead - Bad Guy 2



Format: VHS


Length: 2 hours

Ubstudios link:

Trailer: N/A 

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $100

Box Office: $200

Shot on VHS

Filming locations:

Casper, Wyoming

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Nebraska, USA

Iowa, USA

Minnesota, USA

Wisconsin, USA

Wautoma, Wisconsin


-Several versions of this film exist, all of which are incomplete.
-First Ubstudios film made in various states outside of Wyoming.
Originally based off of a cassette tape version of the story.
-Several of the movie was story boarded.

-Spanned two VHS tapes.


-Revealing- The main Lego used changes designs for only one shot. This was because the original scene was accidentally taped over and the original Lego could not be located in time.

-Continuity- In various traveling scenes, people in the vehicle are seen. It is supposed to be a story of two cats traveling across country, not humans.

Films and such referenced (in order of appearance):

None So far.







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