Radio (1998)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy and Van Stuber

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy

Production companies: Radio Pictures (Wilkins Peak)

Genres: Science Fiction/Thriller


Justin Stuboy.- Roy Peterson

Van Stuber - Stu Peterson

Leeroy Von Hess - FBI Agent Thompson

Dorky Dad - Lee Peterson

Wah Lady - Milo Peterson

Format: VHS and Digital 8 (final print)


Length: 5 minutes (not approx)


Ubstudios link:

Trailer: N/A

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $5

Box Office: n/a

Shot on VHS (original ideas) and primarily Digital 8.

Filming locations:

Green River, Wyoming

Rock Springs, Wyoming


-First script ideas originated in 1998 but film was not shot until 2001.
-Only a basic preview exists of the film.
-Original poster (see ubstudios link) was one of first to appear online.
-Went through several re-writes between 1998 and 2001.
-Filmed on White Mountain, Rock Springs, Wyoming


-Audio Problems- Portions of the footage actually shot contain wind noise which chops out the audio.


Films and such referenced:

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial  (1982) - References chase scene.

Enemy of the State (1998) - Various references



Soundtrack listings:

Select tracks from the motion picture soundtrack of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.