Claytape (1997-2002)

Directed by Justin Stuboy and Van Stuber

Written by Justin Stuboy and Van Stuber

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy and Van Stuber

Production companies: Radio Pictures (Wilkins Peak)

Genres: Animation/Comedy


Justin Stuboy - Voices/animation/Scary head

Van Stuber - Voices/animation

Marmalade - Pooh's Profile

Mantha - cameo -

Format: VHS

Length: 65 Minutes

Ubstudios link:

Trailer: (never produced)

Movie Stats:

Production cost: 20$ Estimated

Box Office: 100$

Shot on VHS tape

Filming locations:

Casper, WY


-New animations emerged all the way up until 2002.

-Was in production at the same time as the first Ubstudios film ever, Justin City.

-Most segments have no general story, and are merely exploring the medium of claymation.

-Also edited into the Fireworks/Science Tape.

-Several animations contain either talking or passing of gas. A show on TV can be heard in the background of the earlier segments.



There are no goofs in this film given that it is merely an exploration of clay animation.

Film connections/references

Jurassic Kitty (1997) Segment with stuffed animal cat

Justin City (1996) Army guy segment

Jurassic Park (1993) Segment with stuffed animal cat

Soundtrack listings:

Various Christmas music performed by Manheim Steamroller can be heard throughout the tape.