The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2000

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2000

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 24th, 2016, 10:22 pm

It was the beginning of the new milleculum as we at UBSTUdios used to say (intentionally spelled wrong). We started the year in Lava Hot Springs. We had just finished a good year of movies, 1999, and making our own movies in the process. UBSTUdios was in full swing with making and producing movies and shorts, DXing and the band Coleflatch was about to be born. The millennium held some promising things for us. Movie wise, there were some good ones that came out. Also some stinkers. Lets document them shall we?

The Best Movies of 2000
1. Boiler Room - (Jimmy...I mean Giovanni Ribisi learns to game the system and screw over the little guy)
2. Almost Famous - (Almost Hea)
3. Cast Away - (Tom Hanks looks into the camera in the end and goes Ahhh. Should I find that hot red head that just drove by or stand in this intersection till I get run over by a Mac Truck?)
4. U-571 - (Bill Paxton sinks as Bon Jovi and Matthew McConaughey rise)
5. Frequency - (Jesus DXes his Dad in the past and remembers the time his dad threw him up into some helicopter blades)
6. Final Destination - (Final Shing of Death)
7. American Psycho - (Christian Bale shings to classic 80s pop music)
8. Meet the Parents - (The Focker Rises)
9. Pay it Forward - (Kevin Spacy gets all musty with Helen Hunt while Haley Joel Osment see's dead people)
10. Shanghi Noon - (A romping fun time with Jackie Chan and Own Wilson in the old west

A bunch of rich fucks are here to Make American Great Again...or are they?

Best Docs:
1. Napoleon - (I five stared that Sheeat)
2. The Endurance - (Shackelton gets stuck in ice and braves the elements so you can watch at home in the cozy warm heat)
3. Nova -Hitler's Lost Sub - (Engrossing story of the finding of the mystery sub off New Jersey (read the book Shadow Divers-fucking excellent book))
4. Founding Fathers - (Roll in their graves to think Trump could be president)

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm - (Watched after the fact but one of the funniest shows on TV in this century)
2. Survivor - (Uuuaaaaahhhh)

Ok now for the WORST of 2000

1. Unbreakable - (M. Night Shamalan's bore fest is a sign of things to come)
2. Finding Forester - (Sean Connery plays sweaty nutsac with a little boy)
3. Traffic - (Soderberg gets boring)
4. Miss Congeniality - (Don't remember this one. Must sock)
5. Gone in 60 Seconds - (The movie is gone from your memory in 60 seconds)
6. Big Mama's House - (Bring back Eddie Murphy in the Fat Suit)
7. The Perfect Storm - (Dirk Diggler floats in the sea)
8. Charlies Angels - (Good god, poor Bill Murry had to deal with that?)
9. Proof of Life - (True Story - Took the girl from my college geology lab class to see this movie and she said I had bad taste in movies. Took her to the frat Christmas party and had a blast (especially after hea)...then she wouldn't return my calls after that. Turns out she had a boyfriend or this movie sucked so bad she didn't want to date me any more.)
10. Momento - (It's filmed backwards so you can be bored in reverse)
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