Maximum Bow (2002)

Directed by Justin Stuboy

Written by Justin Stuboy

Cinematography by Justin Stuboy

Production companies: Wilkins Peak Studios

Genres: Science Fiction/Thriller/Comedy


Kyle F.

Chelsey A.

Bonnie B.

Various workers at Smiths Grocery in Green River between 2001-2003.

Format: VHS and Digital 8


Length: 20 min (not approx) Currently in the Ubstudios schedule to be converted to DVD.


Ubstudios link:

Trailer: N/A

Movie Stats:

Production cost: $50

Box Office: $70

Shot on SVHS, DV format, Digital 8.

Filming locations:

Green River, Wyoming


-The first Ubstudios movie edited on a computer.
-Parts of the film were shot with SVHS cameras.
-Contained the first attempt at special effects.
-One of the earliest Ubstudios productions to be scripted.
-One of the first official Ubstudios productions to use non Ubstu actors.
-One of the first movies to actually pay it's actors, costing a total of 50 dollars (US).
-The name for this film comes from a spider director Justin Stuboy had as a child, and is also a play on the film Maximum Overdrive, which the story is based on.


-Audio Problems- During the portions shot on SVHS, the audio is cut out due to wind.

-Audio Problems- During the laser sequences, the audio is choppy.

-Continuity- Various times during the scenes in the high school, items and objects change places. This was due to the high number of takes. See the classroom shots specifically.

-Revealing- The shot of the high school being hit by a laser is clearly CGI, as the pole that crosses in front of the camera has been poorly edited out.

Films and such referenced:

Maximum Overdrive (1986) - Primarily story wise

Independence Day (1996) - Special effects, based off of.



Soundtrack listings:

Select tracks from the motion picture soundtrack of Braveheart

Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song

Medal of Honor (PC) Soundtrack.

(this list is currently incomplete, and may change at any moment)