Tooele Valley Hospital Investigations

Investigated by Agent Justin. This investigation was also written by Justin.
The February 2009 investigation is here!

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This investigation occured in late June 2010, the last time the hospital would be open for investigation until the following year. Asylum 49, which manages the hospital, begins to set up their annual haunted house following June. Investigations start again usually by December or January the next year. This marks the third time I have investigated the hospital. The 2nd time, I did not get anything worth mentioning here, and no photographic evidence was aquired. This time, again, nothing but usual dust particles (orbs) showed up on the pictures, and I was without a video camera due to an unfortunate accident.

The investigation began like the previous two. We were taken on a tour of the building and were told various stories about who or what might be haunting certain things. While the majority of the investigation was pretty uneventful, being by myself investigating for the 2nd time in a row was pretty difficult. I did have to carry a significant amount of equipment and not all of it could be used simultaneously. I decided to follow a small group of people while we investigated the hospital.

In the nursery section, I began doing EVP work which turned up nothing, but an explainable phenomenon was occurring. One of the fellow investigators had a video camera trained on my digital recorder and was reporting about the light on it (which is normally on steady while recording - as it was at the time). He began mentioning the light was going out and coming back in at various times. I was watching the recorder and didn't see it blink out. I believe since this person had a camera similar to the one I have now (Sony HD model) his camera was set to auto focus and thus was trying to focus on the small light which would make it appear to go out. Like my camera, his didn't have a nightvision type feature, and cameras usually have a hard time focusing in the dark. Thus, I do not believe what he was seeing on the screen while filming was anything but camera related, and not paranormal.

The investigation continued and I split off from the group and went in the "cemetery room" which was transformed this time. The previous two times, the haunted house setup has been left alone and the room is covered with dark plastic (as is typical for haunted houses). This time, the plastic and such was gone, leaving a regular looking room with windows etc. There was still a fair amount of light coming through as the sun had not quite set yet. I decided to see if I could get a spirit to make my EVP meter jump while it was sitting on a table in front of me. I also attempted the flash light trick which requires the ghost to turn the flashlight on and off in response to questions. I am not sure how I feel on that phenomenon just yet as the smallest vibrations can turn it on or off.

Anyway, as I continued to ask anyone that was in the room with me to make the meter move, I unknowingly recorded the "hmmph" EVP listed below. After receiving no response on the meter, I left and re-joined the group who had apparently just captured an evp in one of the rooms towards the end of the hall. If memory serves me correctly, the ghost was named Wesley, or Steve, or something to that effect. They played the evp recorded on their phone for me, and it did indeed sound genuine. I'm not sure if they put it online, but any links would be appreciated if you the reader can find it.

The investigation continued into the delivery/pregnancy section of the hospital and a bunch of investigators were crowded around the front desk area. They had two flashlights and were asking for the ghost or ghosts to turn them on and off after asking questions. Again, I am skeptical about this, but I did see flashlights turn on and off after questions were asked. It was pretty neat.

As the night wore on, nothing much else happened. I did manage to record a "sigh" EVP while walking down one of the hallways, and again, you can hear it below.

The biggest event of the night happened near the end of the investigation. The group I was with and myself were in the conference room (as seen in the previous investigation's video) and we were sitting there in the dark asking various questions. I did not record any EVPs during this point, but what I saw with my eyes, I will never forget. At least 4 of us were staring down the hallway which runs between the conference room and another hallway heading west. There is a door there, blacked out with plastic that is always locked during investigations. I believe it is either some kind of storage room, or it leads to the desk where you check in before the hunt. We started seeing white balls of light flash on and quickly off. They appeared to be about 6 feet off the ground and were occurring right between the door jams (there isn't a door there, just another room). Those who saw it were flabbergasted as was I. I was sitting at the head of the table looking south into the hallway and I honest to god could not believe what I just saw.

We started wondering if a flashlight from one of the other investigators was in the hallway to our left and was shining his/her light down the hall. One of the people got up to look and reported that nobody was out there. Again, it was late into the investigation and several people had already left, leaving only about 6 or 7 of us. We stared into darkness and a few minutes later, another streak of light. This time, it was a definite streak, and it looked like it went from lower left to upper right in a quick flash. It was too white to be a flashlight and too defined (not spread out). This time, I got up and walked right to where it happened and looked down the hallway. Nobody was there. More people had seen it, and we all confirmed what we had just saw. The last time it happened was again, about 5 minutes later. This time, the ball of light flashed on and off again, though it was much lower as if it were a child. Seeing these images left me dumbfounded. We reported the activity to Asylum 49, and they attmempted a brief investigation to see if they could figure out which spirit was doing it. They believed it may have been "Robert", but he answered that it wasn't him (via the flashlight). We asked "Robert" to go get the spirit that caused the flashes, so that we could see it again and he apparently left, and came back a short while later. The flashes however, did not happen again after that.

This was right around 1 AM, which signalled the investigation was over. I left with memories of a sighting I will never forget. Unfortunately I did not have a working video camera, and of course, nothing showed up in the pictures.


These are sorted by name and are in mp3 format.

Hmmph - In the cemetery room, or now I guess, the records room, I was asking whatever was there to attempt to make my EVP meter move. You hear what sounds like a child say hmmph! Original X2, amplified X2, cleaned and amplified X2.

"Sigh"- This occurred in one of the hallways as I walking between rooms. It sounds feminine but it may not be a "sigh". It may be a moan or an attempted word as there is a little bit of it before the loud bang (which is likely a door). Original X1, cleaned + amplified X2.

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