Tooele Valley Hospital Investigations

Investigated by Agent Justin and Kenzie. This investigation was written by Justin.

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This investigation occured on 2-7-09 at the Tooele Valley Hospital in Tooele, Utah. We were invited to do this investigation by Asylum 49 with the assistance of the Utah Ghost Orginization or UGO.

Now days, the hospital isn't used as a hospital. It is used as a haunted house put on by Asylum 49, during the month of October. It may seem kind of odd that a haunted place is used as a haunted house to some, but to me it makes perfect sense. Rocky Mountain Heath Care owns the building and uses the other half as an elderly care center which Asylum 49 gives a large amount of proceeds to, for every event they put on. If I owned that building, I would investigate the heck out of it. Also, I got word from the owners that the haunted house is put on as an attraction for the city of Tooele's youth, to sort of keep them out of trouble.

Some history, "this" building was under construction beginning in 1949, opening in 1953, and it was in use all the way up until 2002, when the new hospital was built on the other side of town. The hospital was built for the Tooele Army Depot. Everything in the bulding is in relatively good shape. According to our tour guide, many people have died in the building. It was a hospital after all. I have also become aware that there are other buildings in Tooele that are haunted too. The Tooele Clinic Building (on Main Street) is apparetly one of them. Thanks to Dee for the corrections.

We arrived and originally thought the hospital was at the end of the street so we got out and walked into a nursing home. We both thought something wasn't right. They wouldn't have an investigation in an actively used nursing home. Granted, nursing homes have a tendency to be haunted by their former residents, but I doubted they would have us investigate while residents and staff were still there. We walked to what looked like an abandoned building and sure enough, it was the hospital. The place looked large on the outside and that would surely be an understatement.

After waiting around for about half an hour for the rest of the group to arrive, we were the first to be taken on the tour of the complete darkness. The building still has electricity, running water and heat (in only half of it) so EMF meters would be out of the question for this investigation. We began the investigation in the "cemetery room" which was formerly the records room and is now used for weddings of all things. It is a fairly small room full of props from the haunted house including a skeleton, which as you'll see later, has some significance to this room.

The investigation then led through the rest of the building, with the guide (from Asylum 49) telling us more and more about the history of the building. It was fairly neat.

According to him, a pregnant lady haunts the hospital, along with a child molestor, a young girl and boy, and any number of others....

8:45 PM - Dowsing Rods

After the tour wrapped up we had the choice of seeing a dowsing rod session or going out on our own to investigate the hosptal. Kenzie and I chose to watch the dowsing rod session. I have always been skeptical of dowsing rods as they have a tendency to be moved by the person holding them, and thus create false positives. To prove all of this wrong, UGO had two women sit back to back holding dowsing rods. Neither could see each other. They began by telling us to turn on our EVP recorders. We were already rolling on that. One of the ladies then explained we could ask yes or no questions and if the rods crossed, that meant yes. If they went far apart, that meant no. Questions came, and the rods swayed back and forth, yes or no to various ones. We figured we were talking to the child molester after asking who it was. His name apparently starts with Ch. I found this pretty cool as both people holding rods were getting the same answer at the same time. Something strange began to happen though and the skeleton prop I mentioned earlier began to move ever so slightly.

At least ten other people were in the room with us, all staring at the skeleton prop. The hair began to move and I swung the video camera around to catch it. On camera, in the clip below, you'll see the fabric covering the prop's arm move by itself. I can attest that there were absolutely no drafts in this room and the floor was fairly stable. Then the big thing happened. The arms moved by themselves (check the video below). This happened twice within the space of five minutes. I moved over to catch it happen again while Kenzie and the rest of the audience remained behind some chairs. The hands moved again! This time, the whole statuette rocked forward and back. It was subtle, but it was enough to be caught on camera.

9 PM - 1 AM.

For the next several hours, Kenzie and I walked through the entire building, going room to room investigating the heck out of the hospital. UGO has some pretty neat equipment with them. They had three wireless cameras and various DV cameras set throughout the hospital and recording all night. They also had a device that I can't recall the name of. Basically it was a device for hearing "live EVPs." I was extremely skeptical of this device however. It kept repeating the same words in a series and wouldn't answer questions we asked. It did however say a few creepy things in series.. "Daddy--shot--sorry." According to UGO, one of the ghosts in the building is a young child who was accidentally shot by his father. This gave us the chills, but I still am skeptical of that device.

The hospital is built like a maze. Rooms overlap on each other and doors are in bad places. I know this is probably a reason it isn't used any more, other than the fact that it is old and not up to code. At one point, in the former X-ray room, we were witnessing another dowsing rod session when some loud bangs came from the ceiling. UGO explained that this is common, but it is usually louder. They named the ghost responsible "Peter." There was also another ghost supposedly an X-ray tech in that very hospital, named Ned.

Overall, though it was fairly quiet after the skeleton moved, I would have to say there is something abnormal going on at the hospital. The evidence currently at hand shows I can't say for sure if it is 100% haunted, but I do beleive, as I said, something is off about that place. We managed to capture video of the skeleton moving and a few strange noises you can find below.



Posted to Youtube to make it easier for the world to see our investigation results. This video has not been tampered with, other than sound and various fixes to brights and contrasts, particularly the orb scenes.


These are sorted by name and are in mp3 format.

Agreeing - You hear us say "Did you hear that, could you do that again please" then followed by a faint mmhmm, mhmm mhmm like noise. You can then hear Kenzie say "what the hell is that". We weren't refering to this sound when we were talking. Original X1, cleaned and amplified X2.

Crying - This was in one of the hospital rooms as Kenzie and I were lying on the beds. You can hear what sounds like crying. Nobody was this close to us to make this noise. Original x1, cleaned amplified section x2. You can hear the crying noise overlapping me talking as well.

No - This was also recorded in the hospital rooms, right after I saw the light and right after the orb appears on the video above. Coincidence? Original x1, cleaned and amp x1. Fairly easy to hear.

Scream - Recorded during the dowsing rod section. It is very quick, and happens right after the lady askes if the ghost was shot or murdered. Original x1 cleaned and amplified section x2.

All audio/video is copyright 2009 by Ubstudios Inter-Mountain Paranormal Society. No unauthorized reproduction of these files is allowed.

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