The Terminal (The Urinal)

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The Terminal (The Urinal)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » January 19th, 2005, 2:42 pm

:roll: I just watched The Terminal last night from Netflix. This is Steven Spielbergs most recent movie and his third collaboration with Tom Hanks. The movie is about a guy from one of the Russian break off countries who's country is caught up in a coo while he is in the air. Once Viktor Divorsky (Tom Hanks) who is a cousin to Vladimir from "The Stu Supemecy" lands at JFK he is forced to live in a terminal because Stannely Tucci doesnt want him to leave to American soil cause he likes to play by the rules and is always constipated. Viktor is forced to live in the terminal and find ways to wash his ass while he trys to hit on the Knock Out Cathrine Zeta Jones. Cathrine Zeta Jones eventually PTs Viktor and Viktor is still stuck at the stu airport. (Spoiler, actually the whole review is a spoiler, too bad you just read that now, HA) Finally Viktor gets his wish to go to New York and meet some Jazz saxaphone player for some reason that is beyond my mental capacity.

The movie was ok to watch but definately different than previous Spielberg movies. Some of the moments are extremely corny, like when that cart driver guy marries that hot stamp lady or when Viktor gets diareah after eating at Turtle King. Others are just down right stu. The movie does have entertaining parts but for some reason, it didn't connect with me like his other movies minus "A.I." which was also a Speilberg dissapointment for me. It's my guess that his wife "Kate Capshaw" wanted him to make a girlly movie so guys like me can go hea when we watch them. If your expecting explosions other than those that oringinate in the colon, this is not the movie for you. If you like sappy movies that give you warm fuzzys which you take to bed at night then this is the movie for you. I give it 2 and a half stars out of 4 for gayness. Hopefully Speilberg's next "The War of the Worlds" will be the next Speilberg classic I can spank to.
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