Friday Night Lights - (Friday Night Fungal Blasts)

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Friday Night Lights - (Friday Night Fungal Blasts)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » February 15th, 2005, 11:19 pm

This movie was made for people who like fooseball americano and who grew up in GWB land. It's also made for people who like sweaty locker rooms full of jock straps and Billy Bob Thortons. Friday Night lights is a movie about Billy Bob Thortons quest to get revenge on the boy from Sling Blade for stealing all of his french fries. Actually it's about our fearless leader's (GWB) earlier days of snorting crack off of Rush Limbaughs Tits and scoring with Laura Bush's Grandma.

The movie takes place in 1988 duing Odessa Texas' Fungal Blast season. It cronicals the lives of a couple jocks and their coach (Billy Bob) who take on Texas and every other bible thumping hessian they see. It starts off with the first season game where the quarter backs pants rip off and he scores a touch down butt naked. Then he scores with some hot chick who calls him gay. The rest of the movie chronicals the rise and fall of the Permian Panther's 1986 season that ends in the Astro Dome where a large outbreak of fungus causes Barbara Hessian Jones to vote republican.

Overall, this is an entertaining movie. It reminds me alot of Varsity Blues in the fact that its about the same screwed up Texas people are. Only in Texas do they put Football before education (and everything else for that matter) and produce great presidents like GHWB and GWB. Billy Bob does a good job playing the coach who realizes that most of the town is hessians but he has to win State or he will be castrated in public. There is also a story about an abused stuboy and his hessian drunken father who was once a great Fungal Blast but then turned into a hessian after years of masturbation and mantha beating. I would definately recomend this movie if you liked Varsity Blues (which I still think is better) and I give it about 2 and 3/4 stars out of 4.
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