Iron Man 2 - (Iron Nutsac 2)

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Iron Man 2 - (Iron Nutsac 2)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » May 9th, 2010, 10:56 pm

Last night, I went to the late showing of Iron Balls 2 at the Grangeville Theater. Yea, It actually came here opening night which is surprising but maybe Marvel Comics was hoping to get more money by opening up in small towns in Idaho. Who knows right. Hea hea.

(Minor Spoilers)
Iron Ballsac 2 finds Tony Stark 6 months after the events in the first Iron Man where he admits he is gay...I mean Iron Man. The world has known peace for that time since George W Bush is out of office and Iron Ballsac has been flying around the world and defecating in his suit. Things turn scary for the Fe2+ Man when a Russian scary guy played by Mickey Rourke builds a suit of his own to tingle Iron Man's balls. We also have Sam Rockwell, who can nail any sleaze bag roll given to him, who is out to beat Iron Man at his own game. Enter Scarlet Johansson who can take a villain down with her butt, she could take me down anyday, and flatch in their face while she is at it.

Things are changing for Stark and he is finding his fart power can't power his Arc Reactor in his chest like it used to. Now he has to find a new form of flatch before he gets killed. I am not sure where the plot goes from here but if you figure that out in the movie, you are smarter than the average hea.

Iron Man 2 isn't as good as the first one like most sequels are. But it is fun in places and the action is ante-uped from the first one a bit. There is a section in the middle which could stretch your attention but I didn't think it was too bad. Don't go looking for a strong plot (the first one didn't have a strong plot either) but let's just say that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark and he is still good. The other actors and actresses are good too. I like looking at Gwyneth Paltrow and Scarlet Johansson and I hope I have a naked dream with them tonight but that probably wont happen. I will probably dream up something abstract that makes no sense like I always do.

Anyways, it was still a fun time, just not as good as the first. 3.5 stars out of 5 for Iron Sac. Lets hope that IM3 and the upcoming Avengers movie is good. Look for clues to Captain America and Thor in IM2.


Iron Balls faces new enemies and meets new friends in this movie. Which one will he oates with.


War machine has got Iron Sac's back but who is covering War Machines iron sac?
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Postby TheStuboy » May 14th, 2010, 2:41 am

Here is my review of Iron Balls 2

3.8 stars out of 5
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