The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2002

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The Best (and Worst) Movies of 2002

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 23rd, 2016, 10:06 pm

Yep. We are continuing our past reflections on life and movies here at the UBSTUdios forums by going back in time and capturing what was best, and worst, in movies over the years because hey, you can't get a full picture of life without the good, the bad and the ugly right? Anyway, 2002 was the year I was in college, not catching as many movies as I would a free man in a couple years but I did manage to see more stinkers than good films. Lets count them down in typical UBSTUdios fashion.

The Best Movies of 2002:
1. The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers - (The Lord of the Shings, The Two Wieners)
2. About Schmidt - (About a Grumpy Jack Nicolson)
3. Minority Report - (Spielberg and Cruise Rocking it)
4. Catch Me If You Can - (Spielberg and DiCaprio Rocking It)
5. Panic Room - (Jared Leto, Dwight Yokham and Forrest Whitaker fart into the vents to scare Jodi Foster out of a Panic Room)
6. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - (Sam Rockwell kills it in the CIA)
7. Das Experiment - (Das Jail House Shing)
8. Punch Drunk Love - (Didn't like it at first. Watched it again and realized it was Good)
9. Spider Man - (Spider Balls the original)
10. Stu Wars Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones - (Well at least it was better than Phantom Menace)

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Best Docs:
1. Bowling for Columbine - (The Gold Standard for Docs)
2. Nat Geo - Dino Hunters
3. American Experience -Jimmy Carter
4. Woodrow Wilson
5. Ulysses S. Grant - Warrior President

The Worst of 2002:
1. Chicago - (Sure it one Best Picture, it still SAAAUCKS)
2. SIgns- (Aliens decide to invade a planet with 70% of it's surface made of water only to realize they are allergic and die from water. M Night shyamalan establishes himself as a turible director)
3. The Time Machine - (A Classic gets butchered by pass gas acting and CGI)
4. Solaris - (George Clooney realizes that Space is boring)
5. Irreversible - (Tough watch, cant remember if I made it all the way through)
6. The Scorpion King - (The Rock turns into a CGI farting scorpion)
7. Collateral Damage - (Arnold Schwarzenegger realizes his movies are getting worse so he runs for Governor of California and creates some Collateral Damage in the process)
8. The Ring - (Kind of a stu one)
9. The Count of Monte Cristo - (Jesus is imprisoned on an Island and becomes the Count of DXing boring movies that are not Frequency)
9. (Tied) Insomnia - (The movie that cures insomnia. Part of the 24 Hour Hair Cut trilogy movies featuring the late great Robin Williams)
10. The Bourne Identity - (Pre-shakey cam Bourne still is a snoozer)
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