Oscar Night 2010 Reaction - Can you Whack It?

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Oscar Night 2010 Reaction - Can you Whack It?

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 8th, 2010, 12:39 am

Yea, It's that time of year again. Another Oscars has come and gone and the movie I wanted to win didn't win again which was Inglorious Basterds. Avatar got kind of skunked tonight. Kathrine Bigelow, Cameron's Ex, kicked Cameron's ass with her movie Hurt Locker which took the top prize. Not the movie I would of picked but it's nice that a woman won best director for once. Now onto the show.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a better job than some of the hosts in the past and the Paranormal Activity skit was funny. Most of the presenters seemed robotic as usual and Sean Penn looked terrible. That white lady who cut in on the black dudes speech for Doc Short was kind of rude and that was a weird moment. I have to hand it to MoNi'Que hor how ever you say her name for denouncing campaigning for Oscars after she won best supporting actress. She probably deserved that too even though I haven't seen Precious.

I'm glad The Cove won for best doc even though I would have been happy with Food Inc. Both are good documentaries out of the good ones that came out this year. I'm also glad Up won for best animated picture. I liked it better than Hurt Locker so I would of been happier then. I'm also glad Up's score beat out Avatar's and the others since it was truly the best of last year.

As far as the Tech awards, Avatar rightfully won best special effects so that was no surprise. I was surprised Hurt Locker won some of the sound ones, but I am glad Transformers didn't. That movie shouldn't have been nominated for anything.

I haven't seen Crazy Fart but I like Jeff Bridges in almost anything he is in so I'm glad he won. Clooney was good but you cant beat the Dude. I was hoping someone else besides Sandra Bulluck would win for best actress but I haven't really seen the others except Julie and Julia in which Meryl Streep did a good job. She's nominated every year so she will get another chance. As for Bullock, I guess I can take her winning for best actress as long as The Blind Side wins nothing else.

I guess I can live with 10 best picture picks. I actually kind of like it even if it gives movies like The Blind Side or A Serious Man chances to get noticed even if they don't deserve the award. D9 was a nice surprise even though it got skunked.

I'm glad the Academy went back to the old format for the tribute to those who passed away over the last year. I was scared at first when they said James Taylor was going to sing. I thought, oh shit. It's going to be Queen Latifa all over again. They quickly cut to showing the actors and actresses who died instead of showing Taylor sing. I still liked the old format the best but this is an improvement. There were no Randy Newman songs sung either so that was nice.

I'm glad that people like Quentin Tarantino and James Cameron got some recognitions for Directing by receiving nominations. I am pissed that QT lost to the Hurt Locker when it came to Original Screenplay. Quentin's Inglorious Basterds script beats the Hurt Locker's any day. But what do I know. I am just a Stuboy though my story's seldom told....

Overall, it was better than last years and maybe like the US economy, it is showing signs of improvement. Last year was the bottom of the barrel and this year, it's leveled out or slowly on it's way back. Either that or it is a W recession in the Oscars and next years will suck balls.

PS. Look for the Best and Worst of 2009 and the Best and Worst of the last Fake Decade or the Aughts coming soon.
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