Capitalism - A Love Story - (Kangism - A Kang Story)

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Capitalism - A Love Story - (Kangism - A Kang Story)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 6th, 2009, 11:27 am

Capitalism is Michael Moore's latest film pointing out what is wrong with America. It is not an antiAmerican film, it is a film that shows America at it's worst and its potential for the best.

We have known this for a long time but since the crash of 2008, it has been front and center in the news and in our lives. The economy is run by greedy sons of bitches who use complicated systems to rip off everyday Americans while they make bank. In other words, we have a greed problem and it is destroying everything that is good in our country. You can tie this to the health care debate now too. Health insurance companies make profit off the death off people.
Anyway, Michael Moore starts the movie with images of Rome, the once greatest city in the world until greed and corruption destroyed it. The parallels between Rome and USA are scary. We next move onto the robbing of normal people of their most prized possessions, their homes. The movie goes on to the point where we see one of the biggest robberies of American Tax payer dollars in history, the 700 billion dollar bank bailout which Henry Paulson rammed through congress using fear. Too bad the republicans and even some stupid Democrats sold tax payers down the river to bailout the banks who fucked up in the first place. That isn't capitalism. Capitalism isn't where your company gets bailed out by tax payers when you fuck up, and then you use that money to give the people who fucked up bigger bonuses. That is privatizing the gains and socializing the losses.

Michael Moore is trying to get people to wake up and take a stand. We shouldn't let our corrupt politicians and greedy corporations get away with murder while we the people get screwed over and are forced to carry the burden. We should start rising up and making sure these politicians (Dem and Rethug) work for us. If they don't, we should vote their stupid asses out and put someone in there who will do right. We need to keep on changing politicians until we get what we want.

Anyway, enough of the rant. I don't care if you don't like Michael Moore or not, you should see this. I don't see how anyone could come out of the theater wanting to change the system. If we don't, we will surely end up like Rome. And as for Michael Moore, don't listen to that guy at the stock exchange who said don't make any more movies. Keep on making them. We need someone like you to point out the flaws of the American System. 4 out of 5 stars. An important film.


Moore: "So asshole Wall Street Dude. How does it feel to know that you fucked up America?"

Asshole Wall Street Dude: "Well, Actually. It feels pretty good. I am getting bailed out by tax payers"

Moore: "I didn't call you an asshole for nothing."
Harry: " Whoa, Jesus, Check out the butt on that one."

Lloyd: "He must work out."

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