Transformers 2 - Ballwarmers

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Transformers 2 - Ballwarmers

Postby TheStuboy » June 24th, 2009, 1:20 pm

I was able to catch an earlier premiere of the latest summer sellout. I saw it two days before it came out. HA!

While I can't give away much of the story, what I can do, is say the coleflatchicons are pissed off at Earth once again, and want to destroy everything on it by blocking out the sun with their mantha ray.

The film is entertaining, and you can't beat a free movie. It has funny moments, and some of the action sequences are well put together. Top that off, the biggest explosion ever filmed, happens in Megan Fox's breasts.

Ahhh, just thinking of her makes me go ahhh.

I had completely forgotten about the first film by the time I saw this. All I remember was Manthicus Prime, Bumble Butt and Shia Le Bouf going oates.

The acting is what you'd expect from a film like this. Okay, but, just okay. Megan Fox may a fox, but you can tell she isn't too bright, in real life. The robots are stiff, but they have more personality than most films like this. They cry, swear, and making funny comments.

As I said previously, this film is entertaining. But, it does have some flaws.

I second some of the already emerging critics reviews that, at times, its confusing. The entire end sequence, you're left to wonder who is fighting who. Its too hard to tell when the camera is constantly in throw-up mode.

Another beef I have with the film is it is entirely too long. There are scenes that need to be trimmed, and/or lost all together. Not to mention, the film is full of plot holes. If you need examples, call Mackenzie or I, we'll tell you the list.

Not to mention, you can see the shadow/reflection of the camera in every other shot.

Honestly though, what do we expect from Michael Bay? Even with Spielberg as an executive producer (one wonders how much he actually put into the film, or if he sold out), the film still has flaws, and is too long.

None the less, I see this film being successful, and I see sequels in the near future.

It was worth it for being a free film, so, I hate to do this. 3.8 stars out of 5.

These are two of the reasons why I am in this movie.

As with the first film, a few of the Transformers use fart power to create havoc with the Coleflatchicons.
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Tansformers 2 - Ballwarmers 2

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 5th, 2009, 11:46 pm

I totally agree with you stu. The movie is way too long and I found my self bored during the ending fight scene. How many times do we have to see Megan Fox screaming while running with her boobs bouncing. Well I guess never enough of that. But seriously, the movie drug on.

There were good special effects but the story was weak and forgettable just like the first Transformers. It seems like Michael Bay throws in live action humans every once in a while to forward a shred of the story then quickly moves to explosions and testosterone filled shots of robots with balls (seriously robots with balls), robots humping Megan Fox's leg, and stupid parents who show up at the ending for no purpose or reason.

It's not to say that it wasn't entertaining at times. It was. I just wish Michael Bay realized that you can have a story and special effects at the same time and make a good movie (The Dark Knight). Anyway, 3.3 stars out of 5. You know there will be a third one.


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