Drillbit Taylor (Does It Failure?)

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Drillbit Taylor (Does It Failure?)

Postby TheStuboy » March 24th, 2008, 1:31 pm

I saw Drillbit Taylor on Friday night, at my favorite crime ridden shitty drivers of South Salt Lake theater. But this time I had a friend with me.


Drillbit Taylor tells the story of three teens whose first year of high school is turning out to be extremely terrible. Why? Because they are hounded by a bully that looks like Stevie (Chuck and Ann's son). He is constantly taunting them and hurting them and they find it really hard to stand up to him. That is until the leader of the group comes up with an idea. Why not hire a bodyguard? Enter Owen Wilson, a homeless veteran (hint to current society) who lives with other bums and showers buck naked on the beach and nobody but girls seem to notice. This is actually quite hilarious.
Owen Wilson, broken nose and all, comes to the rescue of the boys and stands up, somewhat, to Stevie. However, he too gets his ass kicked, not only by Stevie, but by the fact that he is homeless, yet none of the teens seem to notice this.

He infiltrates the school and attempts to figure out why Stevie wants to kick the shit out of the three boys. In the end, the boys take it upon themselves to kick Stevies ass, and in the end, we're all better people.


So what did I think of this movie?
Its most certainly not Owen Wilson's best movie he's ever made, but it does have moments that are actually pretty funny, and very relate-able (in my case at least) to my days in high school and/or middle school.
Everyone has experienced bullies, and everyone always wanted the chance to go back and kick the shit out of those son of a bitches. This movie gives us normal folk a stand.

Its pretty predictable to say the least, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. The film is also a bit far fetched as well. Again, its not that it was that bad, it wasn't perfect though.

Not a bad way to spend 19 dollars on Fandango for 2 tickets.

3.2 stars out of 4.

This movie promotes that if all else fails, violence may just be the only way to knock some sense into a bully.

Middle school wasn't this bad, nor was high school, but I imagine that it happens all too often in other schools around the world. It sucks being a freshman.
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