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Ramblow Prince of Poowee

Postby TheStuboy » February 10th, 2008, 3:14 pm

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the latest (and probably final) installment to the Rambo franchise, known aptly as Rambo.

SPOILERS, though if you've seen one Rambo, you've seen em all.

Ramblo is in Thailand, living off the land, much the same as he has done in the past. He abandoned his country, so he could live in peace, because he's still convinced nobody cares about Vietnam vets.

Ramblo is also older and crustier, and doesn't say much any more, that is until his services are required.
Due to the civil war going on in nearby Burma (sp?) Ramblo must take some missionaries up river to drop them off, so they can help stabilize the country with their Christian values - yeah right. Anyway, along the way, a patrol boat stops Ramblo and the bad guys demand the girl so they can oates. They also threaten Ramblo to to the point where he goes AUEHHHAAH and kills them within the space of 2 minutes. He then advises the group to turn around but they are stu and go on.

Every thing seems hunky dory until the group gets kidnapped by the evil ruler of Burma, and taken to a mantha torture center along with several other peoples. Unfortunately, the govt also comes in and takes out the entire village, person by person, and body parts fly everywhere.

Enter Ramblo, who, along with some SAS agents, heads up river again, taking forever, and they plan to rescue the trapped group. Ramblo comes up with a plan, but nobody listens to him so he goes out on his own.
The shit hits the fan, people die like crazy, and Ramblo screams a lot, end of story.


This was probably one of the better movies in the series, right up there with the first one. We all know how rediculous the third movie was, come on. This movie is verrrrrrrrrryyyyy gory. I would advise from taking children to this, because lots and lots of people die, and not in pretty ways either. People get shinged, blowed up, shot point blank, you name it. One of the SAS officers also uses a 50 cal Barrett sniper rifle, and unlike in Call of Duty 4, this one actually does what it really does, it's pretty gruesome.

Stallone is fun to watch, simply because you know what is going to happen, and you want the bad guy to get owned by him.

3.4 stars out of 4, entertaining and certainly gory.

The next movie should be called Ramblo First Pud part 3. He should be attacking terrorists that attack his farm seen at the end of the movie.

Jessie that bridge aint gonna hold! - No shit, you keep shooting at it dumbass.

This guy's name is Tim Kang, but apparently, he isn't the KANG of anything.

Once again, its utterly impossible to escape from cages like this one, lets be realistic for once please.
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
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