Salt Lake's Digital Radio Fking up everything!

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Salt Lake's Digital Radio Fking up everything!

Postby TheStuboy » October 8th, 2007, 11:02 pm

In the past, I could easily hear what was on 1170 and maybe, if I got lucky, 1150. Now, thanks to KSL using that frequency range, practically 1140-1180 to broadcast their Mormon propaganda out on HD radio, I can no longer hear anything on 1150 or 1170. KWDZ, Salt Lake's Radio Disney affiliate is just as bad. This is the reason I have 900 listed as a gap. I can't hear a damn thing other than a hisssssss sound, which to me, means HD radio.

And the problem is, no matter which direction I turn my radio, this hissing noise does not go away, especially 1150 and 1170. I can't hear KFAQ any more!!!

I support HD for radio as it looks cool and if they get it right, it will make DXing as easy as walking, but right now, everything is fucked up. I want 1170 back, I want to be able to hear what is on 900. I want to do this without driving half an hour outside of town. This goes for 1120 KANN too. That god damn station from Roy lies about its night time power, and blocks out my and many other dxers (stuber) abilities to hear Portland's KPNW.

Here is an article I found on the subject. It mentions how KSL violates its 10kHz spacing and swallows 1140-1180 during the day, and 1150-1170 at night. How ghey.

Commentary: Nine 'Bullets' About HD Radio

The Author Outlines What He Sees as Fallacies In IBOC and Offers His Support of Cam-D

by Ralph J. Carlson

This article is in response to a commentary in Radio World about the positive aspects of Ibiquity's IBOC ("Ray: AM IBOC Does Sound Good," Nov. 3), and Guy Wire's article in the Oct. 27 Radio World Engineering Extra, "Guy Breaks Down the Anti-HD Radio Arguments."

* HD Radio is not in-band, as it causes interference to adjacent channels with a hissing sound, thus causing reception to be degraded on those stations. The FCC should not tolerate this interference. We are required now to stay on our assigned frequency. If we stray from our band, FCC inspectors would fine us. Even a harmonic can get us in trouble. It should be no different with HD Radio.

This interference can be detected even at great distances in other cities. Of course, if all the 50 kW stations install HD Radio, it could wipe out thousands of lesser-powered stations across the United States. Canada already has voiced concerns about the interference to their stations.

---- The rest of the article can be found --- here.
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