N. CA outdoor DX continues

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N. CA outdoor DX continues

Postby leeroy_t » September 26th, 2007, 11:17 pm

After hearing one Vancouver station, I thought I would try for more, so I printed out a list of Vancouver stations and went outside to DX to the north, here are my results.

I got 3 new stations, one from BC, one from WA, and one from OR.

690 CBU Vancouver, BC 50/50kW Public Radio CBC


1510 KGA Spokane, WA 50/50kW News/Talk


1430 KYKN Keizer-Salem, OR 5/5kW News Talk


CBU was coming in really clear right before 8:00, then at 8:00 XETRA totally took over the frequency, probably explains why I havent heard CBU before. Got an ID "CBC radio" and was playing typical boring CBC programming. This is my 3rd Vancouver station.

KGA I was suprised to see that I hadnt heard this yet, Christopher, if you havent gotten this one you should try for it. It was playing some Stu republican talk radio bull crap, its amazing how the majority of the country is against the war and stupid republicans, yet if you listened to the radio you would think we all are like these stus. This is my second Spokane station and 7th Washington station.

KYKN was playing commercials for Salem, OR area businesses, and IDed a few times. I think I had this station from MT so Stu you might be able to hear this one. This is my 1st Salem station and 17th OR station.
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