The Simpsons Movie (The Not-so-bad Movie)

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The Simpsons Movie (The Not-so-bad Movie)

Postby TheStuboy » August 4th, 2007, 11:15 pm

What do you get when you take a TV show and make it into a 89 minute movie? Normally you get crap. Now take a show thats been on since I was four years old and finally make it into a movie, what do you think you'll get. I'll let the box office do the talking for me.

This is the Simpsons movie, which has taken since 1989 to get to now, and its still running! The TV show has had its share of bad seasons (late 90s on) with mostly hit and misses lately, but its about damn time that the film came out, and boy does it triumph over the TV version in grand proportions.


The Simpsons are up to their usual ramblings in Springfield. Marge always being anal about almost everything, Bart being Bart, Lisa being concerned about the environment, and Maggie, also being herself. Homer on the other hand, while being typical to his old self, goes over the edge when he adopts (rather saves) a pig who almost loses his life after the filming of a commercial is over with. Homer and the pig become so good friends that poor Bart soon loses all faith in his father and is, in a way, adopted by Flanders. Homer has done it again.
When the people finally do realize that they are harming their environment they block anyone from dumping anything in Springfield Lake, but you can't tell Homer that. He inadvertantly causes a major pollution problems and thus, the government, more specifically, the EPA comes in and puts all of Springfield into a dome.
Everyone finds out very quickly that Homer is to blame and they all go after him and his family. Maggie saves the day and the Simpsons escape to Alaska. After awhile, the Simpsons find out that Springfield is going to be destroyed by a nuke, after seeing a Tom Hanks (as himself) commercial advertising the "new Grand Canyon."
Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie leave Homer in one of the more touching moments of the film, as Marge (almost) ends her marriage to Homer due to his stupidity. Homer finds out about the town and decides to save the day. After that, its up to you to watch the movie!


Like I said, the latest few seasons, from about 1999 on, of the TV show have been absolutely rubbish. Its as if they were running out of ideas. This is pretty sad for fans of the show like me, but alas, there is still hope. There is still hope based solely on this film.

The animation compared to what we see on TV has massively improved how everything looks. Now now, I know, its mostly done on computer, but this is one of those rare cartoons that looks good done with a computer. Now its not too far from the original, just more detailed, and it looks nice.

The story is actually not disjointed like some other cartoons tend to be (see Family Guy) and is well done. It flows evenly from one scene to another, and its unbelievable that Homer could cause such a problem. Wait, no its not.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and was quite surprised. Yes, every scene in the trailer is in the film, including the 20th Century Fox thing. However, there is more to this film than the preview gives us. Its 89 minutes that feels like 2 hours, not because its slow, but because you can't see enough of it. You're left wanting more Simpsons. Judging from the amount of material present in this film, I want to actually see what new things they can do with the TV series. They need all 11 screenwriters on the TV show as well, its in need of some new material.

The Simpsons movie is easily one of the funniest movies I've seen this year. 3.5 stars out of 4.

One of the funniest parts of the movie, this is why it's PG-13.

Maggie ends up saving the day a lot in "The Simpsons Movie"
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