SLC Blows Laramie out of the water today

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SLC Blows Laramie out of the water today

Postby TheStuboy » March 4th, 2007, 11:04 pm

I left for Parleys summit this afternoon at about 4:00 getting there in about a half an hour and for the next hour and a half, I did nothing but DX, from a superb spot. This new spot, less than 15 miles from SLC, is located right on Parleys Summit, off a side road that can be reached by the exit.

This morning I printed two lists, one containing all the stations within 200 miles from here, courtesy RL. The other, also from RL was all of Idaho's stations as I was attempting to get some new ones I should have gotten before.

The greatest thing about this new DX spot is that it is just out of town enough that the oppressive local signals have started losing their ability to keep other stations from coming in.

I started on the lower end of the dial writing my results and listening (and catching) a few IDs. After I got some easy to get ones, I decided to stay a little longer and see what else I could get. The result, thanks to the new lists, is 17 new stations, putting my total only 9 away from the big 200.

The resultts are as follows, with a little confirmation data as well:

KDJI 1270 Holbrook, AZ. After a process of elimination, this station was the only one that made sense that I got.
KPXQ 1360 Glendale, AZ. Fighting KRKK. I have heard this station from Green River, so its no surprise it was coming in here.
KAHI 950 Auburn, CA - This one was a little harder to hear, but had local commercials for Sacramento and operates the same (ABC) radio network that KRKK does. Their website confirmed it for me.
KLVZ 1220 Denver CO - This station was extremely powerful around 5 PM and I'm almost positive it was not the Cd Juarez station. They have good coverage for 660 watts. Then again, so does the Antelope Island HAR.
KEXO 1230 Grand Junction - Closest Gringo on that frequency. Map barely reaches Park City, but is close enough.
KEZW 1430 - KLO was furiously fighting this one for a few minutes however, at the top of the hour I heard KEZW Aurora, and am not surprised about this one.
KRDZ 1440 Wray, CO - Clearly IDed, among the haze of 1440. I was shocked to hell to hear the ID say Wray, as thats a good distance for 5kw.
KZNT 1460 Colorado Springs, CO - Another shocker. I heard a commercial for Chappel Hills mall which is in Co Springs. Its 5kw.
KBRV 790 Soda Springs, ID - As I had my handy Idaho list, this stubborn station has evaded my capture until now. I listened very hard to this one.
KDJQ 890 Meridian ID - Competing with KDXU like crazy. KDXU was winning, but I could still hear oldies, and ruled this one out of the rest.
KUPI 980 Ammon, ID - Not Surprised about this one given its power and location. KSVC was not very powerful, so it was actually fairly easy to hear.
KNML 610 Albuquerque, NM - Wuss got this the other day, I heard "The Sports Animal" and then they IDed at the top of the hour at 6 PM. I heard this as I was pulling back onto the interstate. KVNU was going in and out.
KFNW 1200 West Fargo, ND - Next time I go up there, I will record the ID for this one, it was clear as day. This station surprised the hell out of me too. I didn't know it was from ND until I got home because all I heard was weather and the ID.
KUYO 830 Casper, WY - Very faint this signal is, I knew what it was however, after giving it a few minutes to come in clearer. It seems the longer you listen to a station, the better it comes in.
KWYO 1410 - Sheridan, WY - Another shocker but I heard Sheridan mentioned several times. I have this one from GR so I suppose its not that far of a stretch for it's power.
CBW 990 Winnipeg MB - Classic Canada Public Radio station that is audible almost everywhere I've been, except SLC due to KCPW. I heard a lady talking about a show and mentioning canada.
CJYM 1330 Rosetown, SK - Another odd catch, but nonetheless, I heard a lady mention 1330/1210 and this station is the only one that has two stations. The station's format also made it easier to ID.

So from now on, I recommend using lists on your DX travels. Car DX always gets me better results, hands down.

I'm on my way to passing 200, hopefully next time, one thing is for sure, the Parleys Summit DX spot is a gold mine.
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Postby leeroy_t » March 5th, 2007, 11:17 pm

Ell, thats quite an impressive list, I like the ND/Canada stations. Wish I could hear more Canada but similarly to you, living in a big metropolitan area the local signals can just block everything out. Only 1 Canada station I can hear and thats CKWX 1130 Vancouver. There is a powerful ND station on 1660 but you probably cant hear it with KXOL near by.
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