Best (and Worst) Movies of 2011

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Best (and Worst) Movies of 2011

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 24th, 2014, 5:24 pm

We're back...and it's another 3 year belated best and worst list of movies that grace our presence at the multiplex, home theater or on some portable device that you have to strain to watch the movie on. Looking back, it was a good year for comedies with some good actioners too. You know the rules and if you don't go back to the 2009 best of list to get an idea. Anyway here we go with the best of 2011 as remembered by Anderson Cooper and and someone named Kaing of Kaings.

Best of 2011
1. Cedar Rapids - (Every guys dream of going to a Conference)
2. Goon - (Hockey Movies Meet Movies about Fungalblasts)
3. Limitless - (Asks the question, what if you were smarter than George W. Bush?)
4. X-Men First Class - (C-Men, Sperm Class)
5. Source Code - (Source Chode)
6. Mission Impossible -Ghost Protocol - (Mission Possible - Ghost Oates Call)
7. You're Next - (Finally a Horror movie with a smart protagonist)
8. The Raid, Redemption - (Ultimate Video Game movie)
9. Margin Call - (Who would of thought the Financial Crash of 2009 was not boring)
10. The Descendants - (George Clooney Farts in Hawaii)
10 (Tie) Take Me Home Tonight - (Remembering the 80s parties I was too young to attend)

Watch the boobs please.

Special Documentaries
1. Bully - (Beat the Mantha)
2. Patriocracy - (Conjunction Function Disfunction Congress)
3. Revenge of the Electric Car - (Revenge of the Methane Powered Automobile)
4. Corman's World - (A view into the life of a perverted master)
5. George Harrison - Living in a Material World (Hea)

And now....WORST of 2011

1. Sleeping Beauty - (Boring movie of Old Sweaty Ball Sacs and Oates)
2. Shame - (Who would of thought a movie about a guy who likes to oates would be so boring with some hea)
3. Meek's Cutoff - (A movie about how people on the Oregon Trail mumbled and talked incoherently. Also about how filming at night on the Oregon trail translates to blackness during night shots)
4. Rampart - (Ramfart - Woody Harrelson is a pissed off cop because he is in a boring movie)
5. The Iron Lady - (The Iron Wah Lady)
6. The Double - (Richard Gerehead's fuzzy hair tickles Topher Grace's hea!)
7. Transformers - Dark Side of the Moon - (Transballers - Dark Side of Bad Film Making)
8. Hall Pass - (Remember when the Farley Brothers were funny?)
9. Red State- (Kevin Smith takes on Christian Evangelicals and gets farted on)
10. The Artist - (Sure it won best picture, but I can't remember anything about this movie except is was in black and white and it had some french guy in it)
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