R.V. (R U STU)

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R.V. (R U STU)

Postby TheStuboy » July 5th, 2006, 7:50 pm

Okay, the much anticipated review for R.V. since I now have time to write it, that and interest.

R.V. stars Robin Williams (Mrs. Kangfire) , Cheryl Hines (a walking skeleton seen on Turd Your Enthusiasm), Jeff Daniels (best known as Harry Balsak in Splooge) as well as pointless other cast members including the extremely kang looking guy named Will Arnett (who does a lot of TV shows like - Arrested Underwear).

Anyway, imagine you are Robin Williams, and you have a kang family including a daughter who looks like Lindsey Lohan and who acts just as stu. You also have a stuboy who likes to listen to Ultraflatch (Coleflatch's arch rival band). Your wife is a skeleton who has a whiny voice and who is as stu as a rock. Your company, Turtle Beverages is trying to merger with another company called Wilkins Peak Bottling Co, so you desperately have to be at a meeting in Boulder Colorado to say a few words.

The problem is, you and your stu family were supposed to take a vacation to Hawaii, but the meeting date runs right over those plans. What do you do? Shoot the Hostage! No, You rent a POS RV from a Kang guy whose picture is on the side of your new R.UGAY V.

As predictable as skidmarks in my undies, Robin soon screws everything up and cant seem to figure out how to operate his new R.V.

As the family finally sets off, they run into some problems at the gas station, namely high prices because of GWB. They then all have to turtle after eating a hotdog from Jug N' Loaf and the sewer system gets backed up. This happens at an RV camp near Flagstaff AZ. Luckily, a redneck comes along and shows Robin how to cover himself in poowee sludge.

After a quick hose down, Robin and family soon meet the demented hessians that are the Jeff Daniels. They are all hessians who like having a gay time singing flatch songs and staring at Lindsey Lohan's boobs. Jeff and Robin soon become friends but Robin doesn't like that idea so he ditches Jeff out a door and sets off an explosive device. Then Keanu Reeves shows up and Jeff says "Shoot the Hostage!"

The Movie progresses from one kang mishap to the other, and finally cumulates in Rocky Mountain National Park near the Fall River Monument campground.

The R.V. dies because Robin was stu and forgot to do something. You can pretty much tell where the movie goes from here, everybody is happy, and Jeff Daniels finally gets killed when a house blows up. That is R.V.

If you were in your mid 30s and had two stu little kids, this would be your movie. If you are 21 and a fan of actual movies made for you, you might enjoy this very much, if you are kang.

If you aren't kang, like me, you'll still have an OK time and the movie will be something you've seen many times before.

Robin is getting old as is Jeff Daniels constantly saying "Shoot the Hostage"
I did enjoy the references to Speed and Denis Hopper on the TV saying, "I'm smarter than you, I'm smarter ahhh shing." I also enjoyed looking at the Lindsey Lohan look-a-like and Robin's overall stuness. I don't enjoy whinny kids and voices, god people are stu. I also don't enjoy any movie made or manufactured by the Walt Disney Company (thankfully, this movie had very little to do with that POS film company).

So again, if you are a family kang (I am what I am what I am what I am, a family kang) you should russel up the kids and hop in your trailer and head down to the nearest 3$ theater to enjoy R.U.Gay, because if you are a hessian, you can relate to a lot of people in this movie...2.999 stars out of 4.

Woo Sheeit, WOOOO SHEEEIIT, I dropped the script!

Daniels "Finally I get to control the bus in this movie, instead of getting shot and saying shoot the hostage all the time, now all I need is a girl who is hotter and can act better than Sandra Bullock"

You almost have to be a family kang to enjoy a nice game of Flatch with your Ultraflatch loving kid.
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
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Postby Kaing of Kaings » August 25th, 2006, 12:51 pm

Well, while my woman and I were in WY for my vacation (I am still on vacation) we decided to rent RV. After Wa said she recommended it I thought why not.

Well, this movie is a piece of pooh. As my dad says, it is not one of Robin Williams best movies. Its close to the worse like 24 Hour Hair Cut and Final One hour Photo. This movie sucks donkey balls.

We start off with Williams and his boss who looks like Col. Winters in Band of Brothers. Williams has some gay presentation but for some reason he decides to rent a POS RV with Poop sludge from the last users still in it's system.

Now the annoying wife and kids all start singing songs, especially the Beach Boys song Little GTO, which is their worst song. Anyway, Williams and his child bearing hipped daughter get into a gay argument and they start heading for Colorado. Along the way they meet Jeff Daniels who is your stereotypical GWB loving, God fearing, child-producing republican. The Williams family tries hard to get away from them but they are eventually saved by this family and they all have a huge orgy at the end.

This movie sucks balls and the more I think about it the more it sucks. The characters are annoying, the filming is cartoonish and worst of all, it just isn't that funny. National Lampoons Vacation is far funnier than this and you should rent that instead. I give this movie 1.75 out of 4 stars. Once again, Hollywood hasn't made anything but shit this year. We need another Brokeback Mountain movie to come along and save the day. Hea.


Cheryl Hines: "Wine it up, stink it up, blow it out, Got to Go. Wah Wahhh Wah wah wah wah wah wahhhhhhh......"

Robin Williams: "I'm in charge now STFU! If you sing that song again, i'm going to force you to eat a 24 oz T-Bone steak so you can have child bearing hips like my daughter."


Child Bearing Hipped Daughter: "God Damn it! Who keeps on sticking this shitty Beach Boys CD in my player. If I hear this song one more time, i'm going to convert to Mormonism and go on a mission to Uzbekistan where all they play on the radio is Hall and Oates."
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