It's amazing what 15 miles can do to FM stations. Just over Point of the Mountain, some of the Salt Lake City signals either get really weak, or completely disappear. Here are my observations of stations you can hear in Utah County, namely the cities of Orem, Provo, Lehi, American Fork and the surrounding area. This list does not include Salt Lake FM stations and the powerful Provo stations etc, as they pretty much all can be heard except a few small translators. I have put the distances (as the crow flies) from Lehi. Note, the distances are rough, and are in miles. Most of the stations listed below can not be received in SLC, except under really good conditions or with a good radio, like I have :D.


Call Sign


Transmitting City



Distance from Lehi.
KPGR 88.1 American Fork, Utah (was silent at last check) 115 watts Top 40 8
K204BO 88.7 Provo, Etc 10 watts KUSU 22
K208BZ 89.5 Spanish Fork, Utah 250 watts KBYU 22
K213CP 90.5 Pleasant Grove, Utah 10 watts Religious 10
K217CL 91.3 Provo, Utah 10 watts Religious 9
KOHS 91.7 Orem, Utah 1.750 Alternative 12
K220GE 91.9 Levan, Etc, Utah 10 watts KUSU 58
KTCE 92.1 Payson, Utah 125 watts Adult Contemp 22
K225AP 92.9 Provo, Utah (KEGA translator, but Spanish) 41 watts Spanish 13
KLGL 93.7 Richfield, Utah 66 Adult Contemp 75
KMGR 95.9 Delta, Utah (Heard atop Lake Mountain) 100 EZ Listening 71
KQMB 96.7 Levan, Utah 67 Hot AC 76
K252DB 98.3 Rural Utah County, Utah 46 watts Country 28
KMXD 100.5 Monroe, Utah (Heard atop Lake Mountain) 33 Adult Contemp 117
KUDE 103.9 Nephi, Utah 74 Top 40 47

This list should hopefully aid not only myself in finding out if I have new stations, but hopefully it offers you stations you normally didn't know existed on your dial in Utah County. I have to go to the Utah Valley for remotes a lot (I work at KBER/KHTB), so I dx FM every time I go down.

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