See also: Casper AM and TV DX logs

All stations received 4-4-15 or 4-5-15. Relic stations (those originally received from circa July 1989 to July 1999) will be indicated by: relicdx


CALL FREQ City of TX Power(KW) Format RDS RX Mode/Notes
KCWC 88.1 Riverton 3 Top 40 YES Casper Mountain Reception
KKRR 88.3 Casper 500w Religious NO Carrying Relig Program. Prv hrd in 2011
KUWY 88.5 Laramie 135w Classical NO Heard from Casper Mountain
KUDA 88.7 Shoshoni 1.9 Variety YES Casper Mountain DX
KLWC 89.1 Casper 2.7 K-LOVE NO Late 2000s station
KWRR 89.5 Ethete 85 Native American NO Indian chants (Casper Mtn. DX)
K209CS 89.7 Casper 10w Religious NO Weak
KCSP 90.3 Casper 100 Religious NO relicdxStudios previously near N. Platte River
KUWC 91.3 Casper 450w NPR HD relicdxFormerly on another frequency
K219CA 91.7 Casper 10w Religious NO relicdx Circa 1990s Religious xlator
KUWR 91.9 Laramie 100 NPR HD Heard on Casper Mountain (confirmed with KUWC)
KDAD 92.5 Bar Nunn 3.1 Country NO Newer station (post 1999)
KWYX 93.5 Casper 3.8 Oldies NO Repeated by two others, 97.7 and 98.5 (same format)
KTAK 93.9 Riverton 50 Country NO Heard from Casper Mountain
KMLD 94.5 Casper 65 Oldies NO relicdxHeritage station, fmr soft AC and KMGW
KCGY 95.1 Laramie 100 Country NO Heard on Casper Mtn with local ads
KWYY 95.5 Midwest 100 Country YES relicdxFormer KTRS (w/ hard rock)
KLGT 96.5 Buffalo 100 Country NO Casper Mountain DX
KRNK 96.7 Casper 2.7 Rock YES Butt rock, signed on mid 2000s
KAML 97.3 Gillette 100 Top 40 YES Can be heard in town (weak)
KZZS 98.3 Story 100 Top 40 NO Casper Mountain + Midwest DX
KCYA 97.7 Rolling Hills 3.6 Oldies NO Same as 93.5 and 98.5
KGRK 98.5 Glenrock 3.5 Oldies NO Same as 97.7 and 93.5
KWYW 99.1 Lost Cabin 50 Sports NO Heard on Casper Mountain
KTGA 99.3 Saratoga 18 Rock/Mix NO Heard from Casper Mountain
KSIT 99.7 Rock Springs 100 Rock NO Heard on Casper Mtn with other RS stations
KTED 100.5 Evansville 10 Butt Rock NO Signed on in the late 2000s
KGWY 100.7 Gillette 100 Country YES Audible in town
KDDV 101.5 Wright 100 Classic Hits YES Can be heard in town (same tower as KAML)
KDNO 101.7 Thermopolis 16.5 Country NO Heard on Casper Mountain
KBDY 102.1 Hanna (Elk Mountain) 630w Country NO Heard from Casper Mountain
KHOC 102.5 Casper 100 Top 40 NO relicdxSigned on in mid 90s with different owners.
KQLT 103.7 Casper 97 Country NO relicdxHas been country for most of its life.
KTRS 104.7 Casper 100 Top 40 YES Calls were at 95.5, stn signed on in early 2000s
KZQL 105.5 Mills 5 Oldies NO Signed on in late 2000 (sister is 92.5 and 100.5)
KYTS 105.7 Manderson 75 Oldies YES Heard on Casper Mountain
KMRZ 106.7 Superior 7 Top 40 NO Heard on Casper Mtn with other RS stations
KASS 106.9 Casper 100 Classic Rock NO relicdxHeritage station, has been classic rock
K297AV 107.3 Casper 250w Top 40 NO Formerly religious xlator, now AM (KKTS) xlator
KRVK 107.9 Vista West 100 Classic Rock YES Signed on in late 90s as KRVK 107.7relicdx