The ISR Band

New frequencies in the ISR (Inter-Squad-Radio) Govt Band service. These freqs are for specialized scanners that can pick up most of the 300 mHz band. They are used by the NITA, which created them. Other uses are to replace existing (VHF) Gov't frequencies. So far there are over 13,000 orders for these new freqs. I can't tell you wether or not there are any in WY, but they are worth a try.....

396.8750 ISR Channel 01
397.1250 ISR Channel 02
397.1750 ISR Channel 03
397.3750 ISR Channel 04
397.4250 ISR Channel 05
397.4750 ISR Channel 06
397.5500 ISR Channel 07
397.9500 ISR Channel 08
398.0500 ISR Channel 09
399.4250 ISR Channel 10
399.4750 ISR Channel 11
399.7250 ISR Channel 12
399.9250 ISR Channel 13
399.9500 ISR Channel 14
399.9750 ISR Channel 15

I can not be sure that any of these will work, check your scanner before attempting to use them. Most scanners can not pick up signals anywhere in the 200-300 mHz band. This listing is from an email from a satisfied visitor. If you have freqs, email me at and I will check and post them asap.