The War Next Door

The War Next Door, copyright 2001 Dorky Head Productions

The neighborhood of a Wyoming City is about to become a war zone. Brothers Tony (Stuber) and Scott (Stuboy) were once good friends with the neighbors across the street, that is until the day the neigbors kids Adam (Tupidhead) and Steve (Dumnbass) decide to break the friendship and start to cut down Tony and Scott's family. Thus begins a battle of wits, stregnth, and endurance. The objective is to out do one another, but eventually a full blown bottle rocket and sling shot war breaks out between the feuding neighbors. Yard terrorism and house vandalism is the least of their problems. The war will eventually cause the other neighbors to join in or be attacked too. With their trenches dug, their bayonetts fixed, the battle for the neighborhood has just begun. In the War Next Door, the only casualty, is friendship. Rated PG-13 for strong firework violence, a bloody nose battle, occational swearing, and a no reason mantha beating scene that some how made the final cut. Copywrite 2001 DHP.