UBSTU Copyright 1998 Dorky Head Productions

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UBSTU is based on a true story of some high school friends who all worked on the high school theater technical crew. The movie goes through many of their adventures on the stage and off as these unsung heros of the auditorium make their way through a high school full of hessians, fungalblast, actors, and actresses. The movie also goes through the characters lives after school and the crazy things they do during the summer. Some of the car chases are top notch as are the narrow escapes from the ever present Fungal Blast who wants to steal the show from these boys. Through their adventures, quarels, and girl problems, these boys get a break of a lifetime running a major school play and building a set that rivals any in Broadway. The only problem is, there is not enough light. So the hard working boys must unite and battle actors, Fungals, Velociraptors, and hessianic people to make their way to the top. Rated PG-13 for language and Fungal Blast footage. Running time 110 minutes.

Short Reviews

  • Best Drama that the UBSTU Gang has starred in
  • I never saw the movie, the lady in front of me took up the whole theater isle
  • I didn't know that High School was so stu, actually I don't remember even going to high school, I worked at McDonalds for 40 years at drive up!