Stu Wars



A long long time ago in a galaxy next to this one a young stu kid, Stuke Stuwalker, (Stuboy) decides to become a Stuboy Knight after he discovers two disgruntled toilet cleaning droids ,C3BO and R2URSTU, at his door. Intrigued about these droids stories, Stuke decides to learn the ways of the Smelly Force and travels to the hut of the old musty hermit B.O. Wan Stunobi ,(Stuber), who used to be a toilet cleaner himself and a Stuboy Knight in his early years. Stunobi agrees to train Stuwalker but they must first rescue the beautiful Princess Laiyer (Sinclair) before the Evil Dork Vador (Dorky Dad) destroys her and the whole Rebel Alliance. They travel to a town on the desert planet Turpentine and go into a scuzzy bar to look for a pilot. They find Hands Solow (Turtlehead) and his friend Stewbaca who agree to fly Stuwalker and Stunobi to the forest moon of Bendover where Dork Vadors newest, most powerful weapon is being built, the dreaded Dork Star. The Dork Star has enough power to destroy a small space Dingle berry. Hands fly's his crew to Bendover on his pride and joy ship, the Millennium Y2K, the slowest ship in the galaxy. Once there, they befriend a tribe of native Puffwoks and fly spaceships around and blow stuff up. Dork Vador sends his most powerful warrior, Darth Mau,(Mantha) down to the moon to capture young Stuwalker and to convert him to Scientology. Stuke feels the a tremor in the Smelly Force and sends his own warrior Mace Poodoo (Marmalade) to fight Jaba the Butt who now has power over the shield generator on Bendover. Along the way, Poodoo meets Mau and a dorky life saber fight happens. Will Stuke and his fuzzy friends be able to over-throw Dork Vador and his evil Scientology Empire in time. Will Mantha be beaten. Find out , watch this movie. Rated PG-13 for stiff intense Mantha Sword fighting scenes, a nude scene, and a special dorky cameo by Mark Hamil.


  • I heard Roger Ebert gave it two Cheeks up!!!!!
  • Best movie since Ernest Learns how to Wipe
  • The theater went dark, the lights went out, and the next thing I knew, I was buck naked in Return of the Jedi and I was being chased by fuzzy Ewoks.