The Master of Stupidity

Fast Reviews.

Copyright 2003 Wilkins Peak Studios/Productions. ARR.

Present day. Chestnut Diareahee (Stuboy) is a low life who cant figure out the family business which is to disguise in the stupidest of masks etc. He soon meets a girl Biachy Butz and they start dating. While on a date, Chestnut's father, Fartbreezio, (Dorky Dad) is kidnapped by the ruthless butthead Pierce Brosnan(Turtlehead) in order to steal the family secret of the stupidity DNA so he can make everybody in the world stupid. Brosnan also has a constant turtle problem and after he gets done saying something, takes off to the toilet. Now, Chestnut must infiltrate his compound to rescue his father and clean the toilets filled with DNA. Which face will he use? Turtle Head, Dorky, Rico Suave or will he even go as the stuest man in America, George W. Butch. Find out in this fast filled fart fest of a movie. Color 2003 Wilkins Peak Studios