The Speed of Light

Copyright 2001 Galactica Pictures


he year is 2070 and man is about to make the first interstellar jump across space to another star. Captain Eric Donaphan (Dusty L.) and his crew of the USS Hawking are about to make mans first ever worm hole jump to Alpha Centauri to explore a recently discovered earth-like world. Everything is set for the most important historic moment in human history when they prepare to make the jump from the Siderious station on the dark side of the moon, when something goes wrong. After the jump, the crew of the USS Hawking find themselves in a strange place, our own solar system 70 years before, the year 2000. With a broken down ship, they head for the earth of the past in hopes of contacting the US military for ship repairs. There is only one problem thought, Scientist Alfred Weston (Brian J.) has a theory that any contact with the humans in the past will disrupt the future and possibly destroy the crews existence or worse, mankind's. So the crew must go on the most dangerous mission of all time, land on earth, fix their ship, and return to the future without any human contact. Another even more bizarre discovery awaits the crew as they begin to fulfill their mission ...a discovery that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Time, life, everything, changes at the speed of light. Rated PG-13 for language and mild violence.

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