Justin Skidmarks

Justin Skidmarks Copyright 2002 Wolve's Creek Pictures.


The long awaited film that was supposed to come out 10 years ago but went through re-write after re-write and several beheadings before it reached the screen. The true story follows the life of a boy named Justin Skidmarks who recieved his last name from a diaper accident when he was a child. This movie is basically your Forrest Gump kind of movie where Justin gets picked on in grade school for peeing his pants all the time. In junior high he meets the president of the united states for playing a good game of Fungal Blast. In high school he gets recruited for the army and gets sent off to Iraq to fight Sadam and assasinate Bendito Mussolini. Along the way he meets the love of his life, Denny and names a crap boat after her. He eventually marries her and has a kid who he names Halley Joel Osmet who goes to school on a school bus. Through his many adventures he becomes a mysterious superhero who fights crime at night and works as a lawn mower man by day. I don't want to give too much away since I already told you the whole story so I will let you watch the movie. "Rated PG-13" For gross out humor, a swear word. A blurred out nude scene, and a breif apperance by George W Bush.

Fast Reviews

  • A compelling story about a young man and the adventures of his urinary tract!!!, George W. Bush
  • A joyfilled trillride guaranteed to have you throwing up on the person next to you!!!!, Ted Stugen
  • The Lights went out, the screen lit up, and the next thing I knew, I was in Boogie Nights and I was playing Dirk Diggler!!! Barbra Hessian Jones