Serpentra, Copyright 2000 DHP plus Galactica.

Serpentra is a marvel for its time. A new, fresh look at Dorky Head Productions, the story consist of a Marine Scientist Marvin Red (Dusty L.) who one night is listening to a sonar bouy out in the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean where a group of whales are singing. Suddenly they stop and weird sounds can be heard echoing from the deep. The next morning he sends a science ship to investigate the area with two of his colleagues Fredric West (Brian J.) and Sally Krytes (Susan S.) They are shocked to find the dead bodys of 5 humpback whales with whole sides torn off by something very large that has a big mouth. This discover leads our three heros and many other actors and actresses on a race with time to figure out what is causing these mysterious happenings before the California coast line comes under attack from mysterious monsters from the deep! The oceans may no longer be safe to swim in or even travel by ship on. The deep is surfacing and terror lies beneath.

PG13 for language and horror.

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