Hollow Cat

Hollow Cat, Copyright 2000 Wolve's Creek Pictures

Hollow Cat is the newest addition for Wolve's Creek. The story is a spoof off of Hollow Man that came out recently. The story goes about a scientist named Abra(KO Sinclair) who has the urge to turn invisible. The only problem is, her formula to bring the live subject back into view does not work. Desperate, she tests the invisible formula on her cat who goes crazy but finally disappears. Amazed she brings the results to her knew lover Billy Bob (Turtlehead) who also works in the lab. Things start going wrong when the cat realizes it can't tell where to perch on the cat box. The cat begins to attack people and eventually breaks out of the lab and starts eating people. Now it's up to big game hunter Stan (Stuboy) and his girlfriend Lisa (Lori Sinclair) to stop the beast. With the cat heading towards the mayors house, Red (Stuber), the town must track down the invisible killer before he pushes the cities self destruct button. Rated R for an intense Mantha beating scene in a dark alley and a nude/bed scene. 120 minutes. Color.

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