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Six high school friends on the last night of the semester decide they'd like to check out an old abandoned school before it is torn down and a bit of town history is lost. Bringing as much alcohol as they could possibly steal, the six get antsy once inside the mammoth building and decide to have a little fun. The game is set, hide and seek, with nothing but weak flashlights. The friends may be intoxicated, and may blame the alcohol, but little do they know, they are in for one hell of a night. As it turns out, this abandoned school is abandoned for several reasons. Decades earlier, a woman killed herself in the theater by jumping off the balcony. A former teacher at the school still teaches, from beyond the grave, and above all, the place is filled with several thousand feet of underground access tunnels. Playing off these fears, the game of hide and seek becomes more than just hide and seek; it becomes a fight for survival against not only the supernatural, but the collapsing school itself. Who is claustrophobic, anyone?

Rated R for frightening violence, sexual content, nudity, language and claustrophobic scenes as well as minor drug usage.

Fast Reviews

  • This is what scary movies should look like "Gene Mau - Stu Times"
  • Impossibly creepy "UMDB"
  • Not your traditional thriller flick, its not confusing, its not that gory, its flat out fun! "Butthesda Cobblebotom"
  • For those of you who have claustrophobia, this probably isn't the film for you.  "Ben Leeroy - Green River Chronicle"