Copyright 1997 Dorky Head Productions


The first movie to come from Dorky Head Productions, the film was actually filmed during a period of over 2 years between 1997 and 1999. Some of the ending production has never occurred. The story begins with a dumb kid, played by Trent S. Tupidhead, who walks into a gene splicing machine at a county fair with a cat in his arms. From out of the machine comes a creature of so much horror and terror that the county fair becomes a beat fest. The now mutant Stu Ahgerson returns to his hometown to stalk his neighbors, the Smiths, who are prime target for revenge after years of neighborhood warfare between the two families. The story goes though a series of twist and turns as the Smiths son, who is also named Stu, fights to save his household and the city from a dumb mutant thats bent on eating little boys. Other major characters in the movie are Van Stuber, who plays the brother of Stu Smith, Stuboy, who plays the little boy stalked by Catman, Leeroy Turtlehead, a crime scene investigator who is constantly in the bathroom, Knockout Sinclair, girl friend of Van Stubers character who is also stalked by the Catman, Justin Tremelkraine, who plays a piano wizz kid that returns with friend Van (Barry) from a hunting trip only to find Catman waiting to prey on its prey, Dorky Dad, dorky looking guy who plays dad of Stu and Barry who gets eaten by the household cat, Marmalade, Wa Lady, extra who walks by the camera for a split second, and Mitch D. Umbass who plays Stu Ahgeras equally dumb brother who gets eaten by the household lizard after a toxic sewer spill envelopes the Ahgeras house and dumb family. The story is rated R for strong Mantha beating scenes, a nude scene, and a police helicopter that lands for fresh donuts instead of fighting Catman. Running time: 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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