The Bill Crotchety Project

Copyright 1999 Dorky Head Pictures


On a cold, dark, danky, musty day in November of 1999, four people and one Bill Crotchety dissapeared in the forrest of Utah while filming a documentary. Ten minutes later....their footage was found. This is a chilling and dorky addition to the Dorky Head Pictures. The first ever fully completed film for this is one of the most fully acclaimed movies yet made. Stars range from Stuboy, Van Stuber, Dorky Dad, and a couple other guest stars. This video will be released in theaters in this year. Expect dorky reviews from critics. Our critic gave it *** 1/2 stars. So sit back and watch as the smelly horror unravels. ....Code Stuber. Our halarious spoof of 1999s Blair Witch Project (Artisian Entertainment) the story provides a scary but funny plot... Stuboy Ahginson. Color 1999(winter) with Mau Entertainment:editing. -currently finished and waiting to be released.


Short reviews

  • Fast
  • Easy
  • Dumb
  • Something stinks!
  • Some hess is smoking in front of me!