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A new company of movies has risen. Dorky Head Pictures. This movie was filmed not to long ago in July on Casper Mountain. Its about a guy who turns in to an alien after a UFO crash happens. He kills an Army guy(Leeroy Turtlehead) and goes after his former girlfriend, Abra (Knock out Sinclair). The evil cat/man(Van Stuber) runs into another army guy(Stuboy) earlier in the movie on his way to get Abra. The mutant alien man kidnaps Abra and holds the city hostage. It's the end of the world as we know it, and the only people who can save it are Hessians. It isn't finished yet but it promises to be one of the best films yet. ***1/2 Stars "Knockout stole the show what a beautiful cast of characters" USA Today. "Leeroy Turtlehead had an astonishing turtlehead face during the whole movie, what's been filmed!" New York Times. -completed- Color 1999 DHP

Starring Leeroy Turtlehead as an army dude, and KO Sinclair as the KO Abra.