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He wasn't autistic, he wasn't mentally challenged, he was gifted. Life for Andy hasn't always been the greatest. From one job to another, and one rude person after another, he has had to deal with so much crap. This summer, he works for the city, starting at the cemetery. One day in early June, something sets him off and he can't take it any more. He then is fired, but rehired and demoted to the trash crew. Can he survive the long hours and pressure of two women who aren't exactly the nicest or considerate people in the world. Andy is based on a true story, and shows us that we all have our imperfections, we all have our moments where we feel hopeless, but we all must remember that life goes on and someday, things will get better. Rated PG-13 for language.


  • Very realistic story, this film was so touching I just wanted to beat a mantha in protest over some of the scenes.
  • Its hard to believe that people can be so damn cruel in this world, screw all of you!
  • A glimpse into the life of a person society wouldn't normally include, and its frightening to see what he had to put up with.
  • Wilkins Peak's most emotional film to date.