A Million Miles From Nowhere

Copyright 2004 Dorky Head Productions


Roy Terrel (Van Stuber) is tired of his everyday life of going to school and working on his research for his Masters degree.  His everyday monotonous life has him bored as does his girl friend and friends.  Nothing ever changes in Roy's life and he feels he is missing something so he decides to take a risk and ends up with more than he bargained for.  Roy decides to keep on driving while doing work for a state transportation agency driving around the state inspecting concrete.  Not knowing where he is going or what will find him, the normally conservative Roy hits the road and runs into the spicy Clair (Susan S.) who see Roy's journey as one she is going through as well.  They team up and travel the country side in a stolen company vehicle.  Back home Roy's family, co-workers and friends are worried about Roy and an ensuing adventure begins.  Life's a long or short road, pick the one that best suits you.  Rated PG-13 for swearing, vehicular violence, nudity, and a Cameo by Bruce Willis. 

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