Flagstaff, the AM, the TVs, the FMs and the locals.

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Devil Mountain South of town

This hill contains almost all of Flagstaff's Local, TVs and FM signals. They are: (not in any particular order)

Relative location (of the tower farm) is- 35 14' 26.00" Latitude
111 35' 48.00" Longitude

A tower owned by American Tower L.P. (on the peak adjacent {to the north} of Devil Mountain)
Qwest Corporation (right center)
K208AB 89.5 MHz FM (central)
K214DT 90.7 MHz FM
KPUB 91.7 MHz FM
KCFG Channel 9 TV (closer to center and to Flagstaff)
K28CW Channel 28 TV (same place as KCFG)
K30DT Channel 30 TV (same as ch. 28)
K35FH Channel 35 TV (same as all these other ones)
K48GI Channel 48 TV(same as below)
K64BI Channel 64 TV (to the right of above towers)
K66BS Channel 66 TV (same place as KCFG (relatively))

Flagstaff's AM station Yes there is more than one (there are 2) AM station in Flagstaff, but this one is the only one visible through the thick trees.

600 kHz Licensed
Domestic Station Class: D
Region 2 Station Class (corresponds to W. Hemisphere): B
File No: BL-19971007KA
Facility ID No.: 68567
CDBS Application ID No.: 255231
35 12' 2.00 " N Latitude
111 36' 49.00" W Longitude (NAD 27)
Power: 1.0 kilowatts (kW) Daytime (.048kw at night via the same tower)
ND1 - Non-directional Antenna: Same constants day and night
RMS Standard: 0.00 mV/m at 1 kilometer
RMS Theoretical: 287.00 mV/m at 1 kilometer
1 tower
CDBS Ant. System ID: 447